Social Selling for Anyone Who Sells for a Living

September 3, 2015


Full disclosure: Sandler is a ceaseless, dedicated advocate of LinkedIn and its Sales Navigator application. Whether or not you’re currently using Sales Navigator, I thought you might be interested in our answers to the most common question we get about this resource. Professional salespeople from various industries say to us: “Time is tight. Given all the other resources for salespeople out there that I could invest my time figuring out, why is Sales Navigator worth the learning curve?”

Short Answer #1: The Learning Curve is Ridiculously Short

The time-to-mastery gap for Sales Navigator is brief—you will be up and running in under a day. The guiding force driving this tool is this question: “Why not make it simple for salespeople to connect with prospects via LinkedIn?”

It’s easy to get started, learn best practices and achieve success with this tool. This video gives you an overview.

Short Answer #2: It's Simpler Than What You're Probably Doing Now to Generate Leads

Sales Navigator gives you an easier, more intuitive way to view more prospects. It will almost certainly make it easier to leverage your own network of contacts and those of your company than what you’re doing now. It allows you to access the networks of people within your own organization in a way you aren’t able to with free LinkedIn or any other platform.

That means if Jim in Accounting is connected to Juan, a prospective buyer you want to meet, it will be easier for you to figure that out and far simpler to connect to Juan than the way you’re selling now.

Short Answer #3: It Puts You in Control of a Proven Social Selling Process

Sales professionals are increasingly finding value in building their own leads and pipeline through social selling. Sales Navigator is designed to quickly get you to the point where you use social selling intuitively, every day, to identify and engage with live prospects who connect to your LinkedIn network.

When we talk to Sales Navigator users about why the tool is of value to them, what we hear is that it answers a question that’s been left unanswered. There has been a lot of discussion in recent years around the question, “What is social selling?”—but the right answer has sometimes been hard to formulate. Sales professionals wanted to master social selling, but they found there was no agreement on exactly what it was and no way to operationalize it consistently across an entire sales team. There wasn’t one tool that made social selling a viable daily reality for everyone on the team. The question became: Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if there were?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the manifestation of that vision. It makes social selling easy and available to everybody. You don’t have to be a LinkedIn wizard, and you don’t have to know how to do advanced searches or find a dozen different ways to work your way through the system to get things done. You can use your own network of business contacts and your company’s network to take an account-centric view. This tool cuts through all the noise.

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