Social Winning – There’s still time!

November 27, 2014


Learn how to start your journey in today’s competitive social world understanding it’s not too late to be a winner…

So you’ve started social selling, you have a professional profile, you’ve built a network, your online brand is noticeable and synonymous with your area of expertise but you’re still not seeing any results.

The question you’ve no doubt asked is: What am I doing wrong?

Social Selling is not for everyone in a B2B sales, especially complex selling. There are however core components of successful selling that translate online – finding prospects, listening to them and providing perspective on the issues they are trying to fix, accomplish or avoid.

Sales is a competitive landscape and has clear winners and losers, even more so on social, competition is after all fiercest when there is an audience.

So if you’re new to social selling or not getting the return on it, you’re probably watching, listening and following those who are winning at social engagement, i.e. those getting shares and comments.

Believe me the real winners are tracking this through to time on website, pages viewed, form submissions, information requests and content downloaded. They are constantly evaluating where their customers are in their buying lifecycle. When a sale eventuates they can track that velocity and dollars back to social – that’s selling.

These winners have prepared, planned and acted on social already but not without falling over, oftentimes it pays not to be the first cab off the rank and even the great Jill Rowley admits “I’ve kissed a few frogs…”

So really there are those who have been using social for longer, those of us who have already experienced some success but really how far ahead are these early adopters than you?

Social Selling is a Gold mine. The gold is relevant, accurate information to engage customers! The successful ones will be those sellers who learn how to find it and use it the quickest.

There is a huge amount of data out there available to sellers, information about your customers and information that is useful to their unique challenges – social offers us a superb opportunity to find this information, analyse it and provide perspective through relevant content.  Data is the new gold but I’m afraid it is irrelevant if you don’t know where to find it and what to do with it to make it valuable.

As far as being a social seller, to be a winner, you simply need to be adept at executing on this principle. This will be an amazing race – be sure to run the distance…

3 Takeaways:

  1. Understand how your customers use social to make buying decisions
  2. Measure what you can to validate your efforts, track back sales to social interaction and ask customers for feedback.
  3. Filter the information you find to make sure it is relevant to your customers, offer unique perspectives on this information that can assist them with challenges or opportunities.