Social Selling Tips of the Week: Get into Gear

Learn the principles of good time management, how to kick start stalled deals, and how to convert more prospects in this week’s roundup of social selling tips.

June 19, 2015


If you learned to drive a manual-transmission car when you were a kid, you probably approached your first lesson with a mix of excitement and terror. When you stop on your first steep hill, the terror usually wins out. You push in the clutch and the car starts to slide backwards. You press the gas and the engine roars, but you keep sliding the wrong direction. Finally you get the car in gear and it leaps forward, hopefully in time to save you from a fender bender with the car behind you.

In sales, sometimes it seems like no matter how much we hit the gas, we don’t go anywhere—or we actually lose progress. We have pipelines clogged with stalled deals. We have plenty of prospects but they aren’t responding to our outreach efforts. We feel like we’re providing value but for whatever reason it isn’t leading to stronger relationships. If you feel like your sales drive isn’t engaged, this week’s roundup of social selling tips will help you get back into gear and stay on the road to prosperity.

4 Ways to Prevent Stalled Deals

Sometimes you may think you’re in gear and cruising to a closed deal, only to have your prospect pull the emergency brake. According to SHiFT Selling’s Craig Elias, the best way to prevent deals from screeching to a halt is to be a decision maker’s “emotional favorite.” “I think you need to be both liked and trusted,” says Elias, “as well as the person buyers know and want to see succeed.”

For Elias, becoming an emotional favorite is about being better known and more valuable to your prospects than your competitors are. “Maybe if we treated all our prospects the way we treat our best customers, we’d have an entire portfolio of best customers,” Elias says. The personal attention you pay your prospects can keep your deals cruising so that there’s no chance of stalling.

How to Turn 70% of Your Prospects into Customers

Going above and beyond with your prospects is a surefire way to get your sales career into gear. This infographic from Webquacker Content Crafter & Strategist Kapil Jekishan identifies four key areas salespeople can focus on to provide exceptional customer experiences that lead to lasting relationships and quality referrals.

Check out the infographic to discover how you can go above and beyond with your prospects to raise your company’s net promoter score, leading to more meetings, better meetings, and an increased conversion rate. As Jekishan concludes, “Strong relationships lead to multiple future referrals, and an ever-expanding network of customer advocates.”

19 Ways to Be of Value to Your Buyers

Webquacker’s infographic points out the importance of going above and beyond for buyers, and Sales Trainer and Coach Don Cooper agrees. “Delivering value to your buyer builds rapport, improves confidence, creates appreciation, and earns trust. All of which help you make the first sale as well as future ones,” he says.

Cooper provides a double-handful of quick tips for adding value before, during, and after the sales process in his post on the Sales Heretic blog. There’s no trickery or manipulation in these tactics, just the simple art of getting people to like you by being nice and being useful. In addition to making your customer interactions more pleasant, Cooper points out, these tactics will help you “achieve more sales, more loyalty, and more profits.”

If your sales efforts aren’t accelerating as fast as you would like them to, let this week’s roundup of social selling tips help you shift into a more profitable mindset. Keep deals on track by becoming the emotional favorite, go above and beyond to build lasting relationships, and make an extra effort to be of value to your buyers. It’s time to get into gear and accelerate down the road to success.

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