Social Selling Tips of the Week: It’s All Fun and Games

Learn how a "fun and games" approach to selling can improve your results and your career fulfillment in this week’s roundup of social selling tips.

April 17, 2015


“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” You’ve heard this before, probably from a concerned parent or an overly cautious friend. You probably heard it around the same time you heard “THAT’S NOT A TOY!!!” or “GRAB AN ICEPACK!!!”

The truth is, for many of us, the best childhood memories aren’t from playing with our actual toys, no matter how great they were. Rather, we fondly remember the times we got creative with our surroundings – when we were playing fast and loose with our parents’ “best practices.”

Fast forward to your sales career, and it’s still the spontaneity and creativity-fueled wins that are the most memorable, both for you and your customers. Yes, your career is serious business but it doesn’t need to be a grind. With the right mindset, your career can be incredibly fulfilling and fun. This week’s roundup of social selling tips will help you develop a gamesmanship mindset that can transform your selling from flat lined to fun and games. No protective eyewear needed.

Five sales lessons from The Masters Golf Tournament

According to sales and marketing expert Matt Heinz, last week was the best sports week of the year. The Masters, which Heinz describes as “magical,” is a big reason why he holds this week in such high regard from a sporting standpoint.

But what does a golf tournament have to do with selling? Ready Heinz’s post to learn why “you can’t win in the first round, but you can lose in the first round,” and discover the one trait that separates the best sales pros and golfers alike.

The Psychology of Sales Gamification

Have you been hooked into playing addictive app games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds? Did you know that the same basic psychology these app makers use to get you to play more can also be used to improve your sales results?

While this HubSpot Sales Blog post written by guest author Aimee Millwood is aimed at sales managers, it includes several psychological nuggets sales reps can use to stay perpetually motivated. Read on to find out whether you are a “fun seeker,” a “socializer,” or a “reward chaser,” and determine the motivational tactics that work best for you.

First You Win

Knowing how to play the game is often a pre-requisite for enjoyment, which is why sales expert Anthony Iannarino wants to make sure you are playing the sales game in the right order. “The page of logos that indicate the caliber of companies you do business with is impressive,” says Iannarino. “But it isn’t the reason your clients buy from you. It’s what they use to describe your reputation when others ask them why they are considering buying from you.”

Too often sales pros rush proof and price-related conversations, says Iannarino. But if you haven’t won hearts and minds, these conversations are all for naught. Find out why “it matters in what order we do things,” and learn what to do after you’ve used your creativity and spontaneity to win hearts and mindsfirst.

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