Social Selling Tips of the Week: What Are You Counting on?

Learn how to optimize your profile, and integrate social selling into every stage of the selling process, with this week’s roundup of social selling tips.

January 15, 2016


For over a thousand years, the abacus was the cutting edge of calculating technology. It’s portable, affordable, and requires no external power. Despite all these advantages, you would be hard-pressed to find one in a modern office. And you don’t hear anyone saying that calculators are a fad, and abaci are poised to make a comeback.

There are plenty of salespeople out there who still rely on cold calls and other outdated tactics. If you listen closely while they work, you can hear the abacus beads clicking. If you are one of these holdouts, 2016 is the perfect time to upgrade your sales process. You can count on this week’s roundup of social selling tips to help you succeed.

Optimizing a LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling

Social selling starts with developing your personal brand. As you research prospects, they will be researching you, too, and your LinkedIn profile is one place they’re sure to look. “As with inbound marketing, social selling isn’t simply providing a means of engagement, it’s also leaving the necessary information for the prospect to do their own research,” says Douglas Karr, CircuPress Co-Founder and CMO.

Karr shows how your LinkedIn profile can incorporate three key elements of social selling: social profile, social validation, and social sharing. Check out the full article, which includes an infographic from HubSpot that can help you optimize each section of your LinkedIn profile.

3 Step Process to Slowly Infuse Social into Your Traditional Sales Process in 2016

Once you are up and running, social selling can be the driver of your sales routine. But if you’re not ready to completely make the paradigm shift, you can start by gradually integrating some social selling tactics. “Infusing social into the traditional sales process doesn’t need to be scary or fast,” says Act-On Software’s Jack Kosakowski. “The simplest additions to the current sales process can have the biggest impact.”

The process Kosakowski outlines in his article can help you identify your biggest opportunities, segment them into social channels, and keep track of your value touches. You will have the potential to reach more buyers on more channels, and identify better ways to add value throughout the buyer’s journey.

How to Use Social Selling in Each Stage of the Buying Process

Once you have a few key strategies working for you, you can begin to count on social selling to strengthen your entire sales process. Brian Farrell, National Sales Director of New Business for Martindale-Hubbell, shows how social selling can enhance five stages of the process:

  1. Building Rapport
  2. Conducting a Needs Analysis
  3. Crafting a Solution
  4. Proposing/Selling the Solution
  5. Servicing the Account

Meet your prospects online, and like, share and comment on the information they want and need. You’re certain to see sales grow,” Farrell says. 

If you have been hesitant to adopt social selling, let 2016 be the year you put down your abacus and pick up a calculator. Start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Then adopt a few key practices to see results early on, and finally integrate social selling into every stage of your process.

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