Spotlight on Sales Tools: How to Use LinkedIn SlideShare

Learn how to build your professional brand, start conversations, and provide value to prospects by adding LinkedIn SlideShare to your arsenal of sales tools.

February 5, 2016


What if you could deliver an engaging presentation to your prospects – a presentation that immediately makes you more likeable, credible, and trustworthy – without actually being there? And what if you could create this presentation once, and then let it work for you 24/7 while you are busy busting quota?

With LinkedIn SlideShare, you can. Read on to discover how you can use LinkedIn SlideShare to boost your professional brand and start conversations.

Use SlideShare to Build Your Professional Brand

If you’ve captured a prospect’s attention, it’s highly likely that they will look at your LinkedIn profile before deciding whether to take the next step with you. In fact, 50% of buyers avoid sales professionals with incomplete LinkedIn profiles. It only makes sense that your profile is 100% complete, delivering a professional impression of you and your company.

Adding multimedia presentations to your profile can help you make an outstanding first impression. Creating a SlideShare presentation, then uploading it to your LinkedIn profile, can add an instant boost to your professional credibility.

Your presentations can appear directly below your summary, offering profile viewers an opportunity to learn more about you and the value you provide in a visual, easy-to-follow format. Your SlideShare presentations can also work as an inbound marketing tool in the following ways:

  • Your presentations will live on the LinkedIn SlideShare platform, which sees over 70 million unique visitors
  • Your presentations can be accessed via search engines. In fact, over 80% of SlideShare’s visitors come from targeted search
  • Your presentations can be shared and found via social media networks, whether it’s you or others doing the sharing

Creating your first LinkedIn SlideShare presentation may be easier than you think. Your sales and marketing teams probably have several presentations you can use as a template for creating your own, personalized presentation.

  • First, speak with your sales manager and marketing team to understand what can be used and what tweaks are needed
  • Once you’ve created your SlideShare presentation, seek feedback from your marketing team to ensure it’s as professional and compelling as it can be
  • Finally, upload your presentation to LinkedIn SlideShare, then upload the same presentation to your LinkedIn profile

Use Your SlideShare Presentations to Start Conversations

Along with boosting your professional brand, using LinkedIn SlideShare can also fill your pipeline in a more direct way. Use LinkedIn SlideShare to engage prospects and share your helpful presentations in the following ways:

  • Link to your presentations in online messages to your prospects, including email, InMail, and social messages
  • Use your presentations to help your prospects overcome challenges. Answering common questions can also make it more likely that your presentation will appear in search results
  • Use social listening to surface the right presentation, to the right person, at the right time
  • You can also amplify your SlideShare presentation by embedding it in a long-form post on LinkedIn

Not ready to create a SlideShare presentation yet? You can still use the LinkedIn SlideShare platform as a sales tool for learning and starting conversations. Stay in the know by subscribing to your key accounts’ LinkedIn SlideShare channels – you will be notified whenever they upload a new presentation. You can also contribute to the conversation in the comments section of each SlideShare presentation. And who doesn’t appreciate when others share their content? Helping your colleagues and prospects spread their message is a terrific way to build goodwill.

If you are looking for new ways to boost your professional brand and start conversations with high-value prospects this year, LinkedIn SlideShare can be a powerful addition to your sales strategy.

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