Spotlight on Sales Tools: The New Pulse App

Learn how to use LinkedIn’s recently redesigned Pulse App to find and share content for your prospects, clients, and your personal development.

October 14, 2015


A great deal of social selling success hinges on finding the right content to read and share. You share content with prospects to connect and build a relationship. You share content in your feed to establish your authority. In your spare time, you read content by thought leaders in the sales profession to continue improving, and read content from your industry to stay on top of the latest conversations.

As useful and career-enhancing as all this content is, finding the good stuff can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s an app that aims to deliver content that’s just right for you, from sources across the web and on LinkedIn.

Pulse began as an app that collected content and served it to mobile users. In 2013, LinkedIn acquired Pulse and matched Pulse’s content-finding skills with LinkedIn’s network and identity data to create the world’s first personalized business news digest.

The app connects with your LinkedIn Profile to tailor recommendations by your industry, your network, and the influencers you want to follow. Just download it for free from your app store, log in with your LinkedIn account and password, and it automatically starts bringing in relevant content.

Here’s how to make the LinkedIn Pulse app a good addition to your suite of sales tools.

Customize Your Feed

Pulse uses your LinkedIn information to suggest articles. But you can customize what you see to get even more relevant content. Use the search function to find topics, publishers, or people you want to keep up with. Tap to follow them, and you can turn your feed into the specific resource you need it to be. Follow thought leaders for insights, prospects and accounts for updates, and publishers for industry news.

Save Time by Skimming and Saving

Pulse uses a card-based interface designed to help you quickly scan lots of content. You will see a picture, title, and preview for each article. Swipe left on articles that aren’t relevant to you to clear them from the list, and help Pulse make better recommendations. Swipe right on articles that look promising to save them for reading later.

With the skim and save method, you can avoid getting distracted by interesting-looking articles that pop up in your feed. Take a second to swipe right, then get on with your day. At the end of the day, you will have a curated list of articles you can easily read through.

Like, Share, and Comment

Pulse pulls in news from many sources. You can interact with articles in different ways depending on where they came from.  Regardless of the source, though, you can always share the content to LinkedIn or your other social networks, without having to copy and paste a link into your browser.

If the article is from the LinkedIn Publishing Platform, you will see an option to comment on the article, as well as share or like it. The comment system is seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn, so anything you post will show up on the article linked to your LinkedIn Profile.

It can take a real time commitment to find, curate, and share content. But your ability to do so can have a direct effect on your level of success. The Pulse App is your personal content assistant, delivering customized selections straight to you in one simple interface. Download it for iOS or Android and let it go to work for you.

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