Step up Your SSI: Engaging with Insights

Learn how to find and share insightful updates that help you build relationships with prospects, to win more sales and raise your Social Selling Index score.

October 8, 2015


The sales profession is in the middle of a social selling revolution. And for good reason: An Aberdeen Group report found that salespeople who use social media outperform those who don’t by 73%, and exceed quota 23 percent more often. As more organizations make the switch, the achievement gap between social and non-social sellers will only grow wider.

Even more importantly, with social selling becoming the industry norm, just being present on social media is no longer a differentiating factor. To really stand out, your social media activity needs to be high-quality, strategic, and consistent.

That’s why LinkedIn Sales Solutions created the Social Selling Index (SSI). The SSI measures your LinkedIn activity against your peers, showing how you compare on the four drivers of social selling success:

  1. Creating a Professional Brand
  2. Finding the Right People
  3. Engaging with Insights
  4. Building Strong Relationships

It’s a good idea to check your SSI regularly to assess what’s working and what needs work. Just sign in to LinkedIn and check the LinkedIn Social Selling Index Page to get started.

In this post, we’ll focus on how to improve your score on the third driver: Engaging with Insights. Here’s how to engage with high-quality, relevant content that turns prospects into customers.

  1. Contribute to the Industry Conversation

The first step to engaging with insights is to establish yourself as a quality resource. To do that, you will need to keep an ear to the conversation in the industry. What are your prospects talking about? What’s on their minds? What non-sales-related problems can you help solve?

It’s important to listen where your prospects are talking and be able to enter the conversation with an informed contribution. Join a few LinkedIn Groups for your industry and monitor the discussion. Start by liking other people’s comments, then graduate to posting your own comments and content once you get a feel for the group’s etiquette.

You can check LinkedIn Pulse and industry-specific news sites for articles to post in your feed. When you find an article that might spark conversation, help your prospect solve a problem, or help them advance professionally, share it and tag them in the share. Just make sure to add a comment to open the conversation—ask an open-ended question, or just spell out why you think they should read the content.

  1. Research a Specific Value Proposition

Use LinkedIn to research the pain points of the specific account you are targeting. Check the organization’s LinkedIn Company Page to see what they are posting—announcements, promotional material, quarterly reports—to identify an opportunity to provide value. Keep an eye on the news feeds of employees, too. You can also set Google Alerts for relevant topics, and use Newsle to see mentions of your prospects in the news.

With Sales Navigator, you can save leads and accounts to see their activity right in your feed. Look for trigger events that can inform your value proposition and tell you when it’s time to reach out.

  1. Present Personalized Insights to Decision Makers

Now that you have developed a reputation as a trusted resource and created a value proposition, reach out with a personalized InMail.  Use your research to ensure you are sending a relevant message that earns your prospect’s attention.

Most buyers are not looking for a salesperson to help them through their journey. They are looking for an ally who can share insight about their industry, their company, and their career. If you can be that trusted companion, you can be first in line when they are ready to make a decision.

Compared to the people in your network, how well do you think you are engaging prospects with insights? Check your score and compare it to your network and industry on your social selling dashboard. As you follow the tips in this article, you can check back to see how your score improves.

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