Strategies for Selling Into Multiple Lines of Business

Discover effective strategies for multithreading your sales accounts with our new eBook, Strategies for Selling into Multiple Lines of Business.

January 7, 2015


In the past, selling has involved building a rock-solid relationship with one key decision maker. However, in today’s social selling environment, developing a relationship with a single person is no longer sufficient. According to Demand Gen Report’s 2014 Buyer Behavior Survey, 34% of buyers noted a yearly increase in the number of people involved in purchasing decisions.

In fact, today’s B2B purchasing decisions involve an average of 5.4 people. The larger the deal, the more decision-makers tend to be involved. For this reason, relying too much on one relationship is risky for a number of reasons. Perhaps that person leaves the company or they may have a limited amount of influence in future purchases made within the organization.
In our new eBook, Strategies for Selling into Multiple Lines of Business, industry thought leaders such as Matt Heinz and Peter Kim give insight on how to:

  • Break free of the one-relationship habit
  • Establish a multi-threading mindset
  • Equip your sales team

Avoid the trap of having only one contact within an organization. Establish a strategy for selling into multiple lines of business.