Survival of the Fittest: How Today’s Enterprise Buyers Have Evolved

July 21, 2014


Today’s B2B buyers are tech-savvy and socially empowered. They also no longer look to sellers for information because that information is only a click — or a social connection — away.

Do you doubt whether B2B buyers are changing the landscape of sales? Here’s some facts:

  • 75% of B2B purchases are influenced by social media
  • 57% of buying decisions are made before a sales rep is involved
  • 97% of cold calls do not work

Salespeople must adapt their processes, tools and training to this new reality. There are tools that can make your job easier.

Here are four ways that sellers can use LinkedIn as a competitive advantage:

1) Build a Professional Brand

Develop a reputation as an expert that showcases experience and increases credibility. You can do this by ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for your target prospect. In addition, you should join and participate in LinkedIn Groups and share updates and content that provide meaningful insights, solicit conversation and produce opportunities to engage with potential buyers.

2) Find the Right People

LinkedIn’s largest professional network of over 300M members can provide sales executives the ability to find exactly the people they seek. Use LInkedIn search to filter for numerous characteristics, such as region, company, title, seniority and more.

3) Know What to Say

Before engaging with potential prospects, dive deep into research to learn more about them through their LinkedIn profile, company page and in discussion groups. You can use this information to target prospects with tailored content to determine if there’s a compelling trigger event driving the prospect to make a change, and a potential purchase.

4) Get Engaged

By nurturing and evolving your network, you develop the ability to access warm introductions to your prospects and avoid the dreaded cold calls and cold emails. A warm introduction builds upon a foundation of trust and creates a better relationship, that ultimately increases the chance of the sale.