Is LinkedIn about to change the buying cycle completely and the way we work?

As we change the way we work together, both physically and digitally, how could the way we use LinkedIn be part of all of this?

June 14, 2016

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As we are all aware, the way we interact with each other is being disrupted by digital technology on a global scale. For an example of this, check out the below stat that has been doing the rounds at the moment about what happens in 60 seconds on the web.

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Think about how a decision maker could have a need for a skill set or product they do not have currently. Only now they are only a few clicks away in finding this very easily within LinkedIn. Therefore, the easier you make it for someone to buy, the more likely they will-- just put yourself in your customer's shoes.

CEB states that on average people are 57% of the way through their decision making process before they engage with a "seller" of whatever product they require, but I think social selling is changing in a way that could increase that percentage. 

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Social selling and the way it operates is evolving, and this 57% could increase due to future systems that can customize even more how a decision maker can find you. This is more evidence in my opinion for the importance of your social and online presence/brand - your LinkedIn profile could very well become the reason you do or do not get chosen by a decision maker.

I know that there will be the debate that highly sophisticated business solutions are bought through personal relationships, which I agree with - to a certain extent, but the majority of all new relationships, both personal and professional are likely to be influenced by digital/social interactions at some stage of its development, if not all of it. You read about music artists who use technology to enable them to collaborate on an album and they never even meet each other, why would this be any different in how we work in the future?

Yet the future is already here in terms of the CoWorking/Collaborating phenomenon and next Unicorn valued at $10bn which is WeWork . Their whole ethos is on the premise of bringing expertise in freelancing, startups and small businesses together in the physical and virtual world. This evolution of how we work is already happening, and in my view is starting to redefine how we view the office and working environment. Just look at what Dentons are doing - a Law firm! One of the most traditional business sectors in the world. We are seeing more and more demand for an agile, flexible, and on demand working style which is changing the way we are designing and using the office - all being driven by technology.  JLL itself is now exploring all of this more of which can be found here. 

In conclusion, I believe this is further evidence of how quickly the concept of Social Selling is evolving, one might argue it is becoming more social buying, as more and more control is given to the buyer in the on demand economy of now.