Social Selling Days: Inspire Your Sales Reps with Immersive Workshops and Rewards

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October 17, 2016

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We’re in the era of Social Selling.  In 2016, many businesses have launched a social selling programme, but many others don’t know where to start and how much they should invest. At Sage, we have launched a new training model to address this: social selling days, happening each quarter in each team.

Social selling days are face to face events with sales conferences and workshops with gamification and reward. Ensuring practice directly follows the learning is key to build the social mindset and overtake the fears from laggards/late majority. So how can you build your own social selling day and where to start? I’ll share key takeaways from our experience:

1.  Empower your Sales Leaders to Manage the Social Selling Day

Your sales leaders are the best people to challenge their teams and remind them of the project expectations that day. Input from leadership is critical for team success, and also helps ensure all teams will be present on that day.

2.   Co-organize the event with HR/Sales/Marketing and LinkedIn

At Sage, we think that when it comes to social selling– everyone has a role to play to make it successful. For example it can be a challenge to run these events in many countries, to get sales people with big targets to leave their desk for 1h or more and to customize those sessions for different sales teams.  So for our first session in our head office in Newcastle, the head of marketing UKI sponsored the event and drove the commitment of all cross-functional partners involved i.e. HR, Social, Marketing, Learning & Development and Sales enablement. Thanks to his support, we managed to gather 300 sales and telesales reps at the same event which was organized in 2 weeks. We also leveraged our dedicated LinkedIn contact, and their participation added great value and even more excitement to join the sessions. 

3.   Start the day with a general conference for all sales & marketing functions

At Sage, our mission is to build an army of 13,000 social sellers. Opening the day to all sales reps (and not exclusively Sales Navigator users) is a great way to challenge them on their Social Selling practice, ultimately serving as motivation to join the Sales Navigator Team by having a minimum Social Selling Index (SSI) of 70/100.  On this first session, you can focus on “why social selling is key for their role” and how to become a great LinkedIn user. It is also the opportunity to present your programme and motivate the laggards.

4.   Involve top social sellers

Take this opportunity to reward top 5 LinkedIn /social users locally and ask them to share a success story and best practice. Their testimonials are essential to win over skeptical executives and sales reps.

5.   Set a sales target for the workshop 

Prior to the event, we defined and communicated a sales target to all participants. This is a great way to maximize the engagement and the impact of the workshop. The achievement proves the point and drives competition.

6.    Reward the live successes

Sales teams are always incentivized by challenges and nice prizes. Frankly, who would not be motivated to do more if there is a nice reward? We announced a prize for the top 3 stories at the start of the workshop and at the end we rewarded the key success stories from the live prospection.  This certainly helped keeping engagement levels high during the practice and build a real competition!

7. Always re-think the model & practice of the social selling days

As a Social Selling Manager, I am responsible for the social selling days model and I believe that it will constantly evolve. We run surveys after each workshop and use the feedback to make the next ones even better, ensuring that participants upskill and enjoy doing so.

Some metrics that tell us we’re doing something right:

  • According to a survey, 96 % of sales reps said they are more confident using social media on a daily basis after the event
  • 85% of sales reps want to have more similar events
  • 14 meeting with prospects were secured during one live workshop for large deals in Europe
  • A strong SSI increase for the teams was recorded with + 6points after 3 months! Do you believe it? Practice pays!

Will you start a social selling day soon? If you want to continue the discussion, you can reach me on LinkedIn. I’m now building the next year events!

For more tips on optimizing your social selling, check out our Q4 eBook.