26 Persuasive Power Words for Sales Pros, From A to Z

Work these persuasive sales words into your communications to trigger better responses from your prospects and customers.

December 7, 2017

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We’ve all been taught to choose our words carefully. But it’s not just what you say that matters – it’s also how you say it. Language is wrapped in its own psychology. Knowing how our brains process and interpret language – and the words that stand out in people’s minds – helps you be more strategic in terms of using language to inspire action.

To that end, here’s a list of words from A to Z that trigger emotions and action. Check out the list, keep these words handy, and then look for opportunities to naturally insert these words into your sales pitch.  

26 Persuasive Sales Words, From A to Z

A: Always. Whether it’s about a person or a product, the word “always” signals reliability.

B: Because. You need to quickly explain the “why” in order to hold someone’s attention.

C: Cost. It’s a primary concern for many buyers facing budgetary constraints and prospects appreciate transparency.

D: Deliver. This word conveys an assurance that you’re going to follow through.

E: Easy. We all want to simplify our lives.

F: Free. This will forever be one of the most attention-grabbing words in sales and marketing.

G: Guarantee. A rock-solid promise that will be taken to heart if you’ve developed trust. There’s one caveat here: A guarantee is only as good as the person who issues it.

H: How. How will this help me? How do I use it? How much money and time will it save?

I: Imagine. This word helps prospective buyers visualize the future state you are trying to help them achieve.

J: Join. People want to be included. We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

K: Key. Coming before all others in importance. This word can help you isolate a single issue, situation, or solution to focus on.

L: Limited. Because this word implies exclusivity and scarcity, it’s proven to trigger an urgent response.

M: Magnitude. This word literally gets people to think big.

N: New. This word appeals to those interested in standing apart from their peers and competitors by taking advantage of the latest innovations. It helps you combat the status quo.

O: Only. This conveys a class of one, that the topic at hand stands apart from all the rest.

P: Proven. In business, no buyer wants to be the first and this word alleviates those fears while tapping into the power of social proof.

Q: Quickly. We live in an era when people want and expect things to happen now.

R: Results. A promise is more likely to be taken seriously when it’s backed by historical proof.

S: Save. Prospects are interested in saving money, time, and trouble.

T: Trust. This word tends to be more effective when you offer proof to answer your prospect’s question, “Why should I trust you?”.

U: Understand. People want to work with sales pros who make them feel understood.

V: Value. How much is your solution worth in the eyes of your prospect? The more value a sales pro can establish, the less sensitive a buyer is to price.

W: We. Use this word to position yourself as a trusted, relationship-oriented ally who is fully in it with your prospects.

X: Example. Okay, so I’m bending the rules a bit with this one because who can think of a relevant word starting with X?!  Sharing an example – such as a case study or review – showing how you helped other buyers helps you convey a lot while saying very little. 

Y: You. Make it clear that the focus is on your prospects and customers by conveying your messages from their perspective, not yours.

Z: Zero (in on). Okay it’s phrase, but it’s worth including in the list because the best sales pros learn how to identify and get to the heart of the matter.

Granted, when it comes to using any of these words, context is important. In some cases, for example, “free” can imply “little value” while “new” can conjure images of an untested solution. But continue to be thoughtful about the exact words you use, and you will incrementally master the art of persuasive conversation.

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