Sales Managers Share the Sales Movies They Love (and Love to Hate)

August 9, 2018

Favorite Sales Movies

Sales (as sales professionals are well aware) is full of drama. Probably too much drama.

There’s conflict with your competitors. There’s suspense when a deal hangs in the balance. And there’s triumph and sometimes heartbreak.

So it’s no wonder that there have been plenty of movies made about the sales profession. Here are a few that immediately flicker to mind: “Boiler Room,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

We asked sales managers about their own favorite (and least favorite sales movies), and you can see their answers in our latest video, "The Best (and Worst) Sales Movies — According to Sales Managers." The responses of these sales managers demonstrate how much the sales profession has changed over the years in moving from a fear-based culture to one embracing learning and consultation.

“I really hate the ‘Boiler Room’ and the ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’,” Kelly Marberry, Director of Channels, Sprout Social, says in the video. “I mean, I like the sentiment behind it of owning your pipeline and being responsible for your success, but I just feel like it makes us look slimy.”

Dan Stanton, Regional Sales Manager, LinkedIn, likes "Glengarry Glen Ross," but he also loves what the cult classic "Tommy Boy" has to say about sales. “It’s like honing your craft, understanding your buyer,” Stanton said. “I can put a guarantee on the box, but what’s the guarantee if you don’t trust the person on the other side? So, maybe ‘Tommy Boy’ epitomizes a little bit more to modern selling that we’re trying to do.”

Tracey Wik, Managing Director, GrowthPlay, says the Pixar film “Inside Out” speaks to the sales profession. Or at least it should. “I would say my favorite sales movie is ‘Inside Out,’ and the reason for that is because you have to appeal to all buyers and their emotional needs.”

Take a look at the video to see what other sales managers such as Amy Dordek, Chief Revenue Officer, GrowthPlay; Gary Benedik, Senior Director-Marketplace, Scout Exchange; and Clay Bentley, VP-Sales, G2Crowd, rank as their best and worst sales movies.

Best (and Worst) Sales Movies — According to Sales Managers

We’d also like to know what your favorite and least favorite sales movies are. Post your thoughts to LinkedIn using the hashtag #FaveSalesFilm.

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