Introducing 'Get Closer to Your Sales Team'

How Frontline Sales Teams at LinkedIn Use Sales Navigator to Effectively Manage Pipeline

October 2, 2018

Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has long been an effective tool to help salespeople get closer to their prospects and customers.

Sales Navigator still helps salespeople get closer to the right people. And now with the new Deals feature in Sales Navigator, this indispensable tool also helps sales managers get closer to their sales teams.

Introducing “Get Closer to Your Sales Team,” a new guide that shows how Sales Navigator and the new Deals feature can help sales managers:

  • Get more visibility into pipeline
  • Hold more productive 1:1 deal review sessions with their salespeople
  • Gain more insight into the complete buying team at prospects and customers
  • Generate more accurate sales forecasts

Based on extensive conversations with top sales managers at LinkedIn, this new guide reveals the insider’s view on how LinkedIn sales teams are getting the most out of Sales Navigator and the new Deals feature. Here’s what LinkedIn sales managers are saying about Sales Navigator:

Kate O’Leary, Senior Sales Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, on how she and her reps get a real-time view of the Buyer Circle with Sales Navigator:

It’s completely changed my approach to how we manage the buying committee.

Jack McKeon, Regional Manager, LinkedIn EMEA, on how Deals provides a clearer, more efficient view of pipeline:

I used to explore our pipeline in a spreadsheet, adding endless columns and using color coding to try to make sense of it all. Not only was this inefficient, it’s a static view of a dynamic pipeline. With Deals, I can quickly and easily get the focused view that I want—no more wrestling with our CRM system.

Joan Doyle Foley, Head of Enterprise Sales at LinkedIn, explains how the Buyer Circle feature in Sales Navigator can link salespeople to more connections at their prospects and customers:

When I see through the Buyer Circle that we are single threaded, it’s a red flag to dig deeper and figure out who else we should be talking to. I use the Buyer Circle to look at other functions that might touch the larger deal.

Dan Stanton, Regional Sales Manager, LinkedIn Sales Solutions, on the value of Buyer Circle feature in Sales Navigator:

Seeing an empty space in a rep’s deals is a trigger for me to poke and figure out whether it’s a matter of doing standard account cleanup or it signals a true risk.

Andrew McCarthy, Regional Manager, LinkedIn Sales Solutions, on how he uses Deals for forecasting control:

After each meeting, I open the Deals, update the next steps, and change the close dates and forecast category if necessary. All the information Deals is automatically fed into our CRM system, saving me hours per week keeping that up to date while also making sure I can forecast more accurately.

McKeon on using Sales Navigator to deliver more accurate forecasts:

Sales Navigator Deals has made it so much easier to aggregate all the information I use to build my forecast. Plus, it’s better quality information, so I’m delivering a more accurate forecast—and in less time.

Lisa Killeen, Regional Sales Leader, LinkedIn Sales Solutions, on how the Buyer Circle element of Deals enable more efficient one-to-one meetings:

The Buyer Circle provides a snapshot that allows me to maximize my time in one-on-one meetings. I can pull Deals up and very quickly see the status and where I can help.

Isabel Delgado, Manager, LinkedIn Sales Solutions, on how Sales Navigator makes her team more efficient:

The efficiency play is reason enough to start using Sales Navigator Deals. After just a dozen one-on-ones with your reps, you’ll realize how much better prepared you are and how much more you can accomplish.

Doyle Foley on the simplicity and efficiency of the Deals feature:

What I love about Sales Navigator Deals is the ability to do all the things I need to get done from one spot, without toggling between Salesforce and other apps.

Killeen on the overall impact of Sales Navigator:

The power of Sales Navigator is incredible. I can’t think of any other tool that better enables sellers to quickly find the right people, understand what matters to them, and engage them with relevance.

In a business world where 20% of decision makers change roles annually, where 25% of sales professionals also take new jobs, and 24% of forecasted deals go dark, Sales Navigator can help sales managers gain more control of an always uncertain future.

To find out how you can get closer to your sales team, download the new Get Closer to Your Sales Team guide today.