Announcing “Live With Sales Leaders: Building Trust Across the Buying Committee”

October 29, 2019

Live With Sales Leaders

Trust is crucial to closing deals. In LinkedIn’s most recent State of Sales report, 51 percent of decision makers identified “trust” as the key attribute they desired in a salesperson.

But it’s no longer enough to build trust with one buyer at a company. With the rise of buying committees, which can have an average of 6.8 or more members (even more in the technology sector), salespeople must build trust among a number of buyers and influencers.

For our “Get Closer to the Buying Committee” guide, we conducted interviews with the entire buying committee at Relativity Space, a technology start-up. The committee members said trust was essential. “Early on, we needed to figure out how to 3D print large vessels and had to work closely with our vendors to make the process work. Having our vendors’ support after the sale has been critical to our success and to trusting them as our partners,” Alex Kwan, Head of Finance and Business Operations at Relativity Space, told us.

Every salesperson knows that having gaps in buying committee knowledge can be a scary situation. That’s why it’s fitting that our next “Live With Sales Leaders” talk show will be broadcast on Halloween.

Tune in on Thursday, October 31, at 11am PT/2pm ET for “Building Trust Across the Buying Committee.” Hosted by LinkedIn’s Vidya Drego, Group Manager-Product Marketing, this talk show for sales leaders will feature insight from two experts from TOPO: Dan Gottlieb, Analyst-Sales Development Practice, and Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder and Chief Analyst.

Gottlieb and Rosenberg will discuss how understanding the members of the buying committee and their goals is the first step to winning a new customer. On the next “Live With Sales Leaders,” the pair will share secrets of building trust across the buying committee and enabling sales professionals to close deals.

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