Now Accepting Nominations for the Real Faces of Sales Awards in North America Until March 6

February 19, 2019

Nominate Now for the Real Face of Sales Awards

The Real Faces of Sales Awards were created to celebrate the successes of everyday sales professionals. Since the Real Faces of Sales Awards launched in North America, we have seen some exciting nominations in the past two weeks.

We are excited to announce that we will be extending the nomination period in North America until March 6. That way, we can continue to recognize exceptional salespeople in this era of modern selling for a little while longer.

Due to the extension of the nomination period, winners for North America will now be announced in early April. Nominations will be accepted in Europe, Asia, India, Australia, and Brazil starting April as well.

What are the Real Faces of Sales Awards?

LinkedIn’s Real Faces of Sales Awards are brand new in 2019 and intended to celebrate the everyday salesperson. We want to spotlight those standout, up-and-coming sales folks who are riding the new wave of sales and building relationships at scale.

Who Can Be Nominated?

Any salesperson! Do you have a peer or colleague who has impressed you with their insightful, inclusive, encouraging, or personable sales style? In particular, we’re looking for sales heroes who are expanding their customer relationships, acquiring new business, and maximizing their sales productivity with modern sales tactics.

How Can I Nominate Someone?

It’s easy. Create a public LinkedIn post with a short story or blurb explaining whom you’ve chosen to nominate and why. Make sure that you:

  1. Tag the salesperson you’re nominating using the @ function
  2. Tag LinkedIn Sales Solutions using the @ function
  3. Include both of these hashtags: #RealSales and #LIAwards

You can even copy and paste this handy template into your LinkedIn post:

“I would like to nominate [tag your favorite person who sells!] for [reasons XYZ]. @LinkedInSalesSolutions #LIAwards #RealSales”

The most compelling entries will illustrate how forward-thinking sales professionals are excelling or innovating in these areas:

  • Targeting the right buyers, including building their lead lists and securing warm introductions
  • Understanding their buyers, including identifying the buying circle, interpreting intent signals and using “sales trigger events” to deepen client relationships
  • Engaging with buyers in a personalized way, including working with marketing to launch targeted campaigns, using content to broaden an account’s footprint, and sending super personalized emails  
  • Closing the deal, including locking in the renewal and upsell

Why Should I Nominate Someone?

Sales is tough and misrepresented. Dishonest, pushy, intrusive are just a few of the misconceptions about sales today. The real face of sales couldn’t be further from this. On top of chasing quotas and focusing on results, sales can feel thankless. We want to change that.

This is your opportunity to highlight top sellers who inspire you, whether it’s your direct report or someone that makes your life easier with their sales tactics. Winners each receive a customized Real Faces of Sales Awards plaque to be proudly displayed on your desk at work. Winners will also be spotlighted across all our social channels and blog reaching a massive audience and ensuring they are recognized by peers and the sales industry at large.

Fire Up Those Nominations!

The Real Faces of Sales Awards were created to give sales professionals the recognition they deserve, so we can’t wait to hear about the unsung heroes whose savvy ways have gone uncelebrated for far too long. Thanks in advance for the warm introductions.

Once again, submissions are open from now until Wednesday, March 6th. Winners will be announced in early April. Head on over to our Real Faces of Sales Awards site to learn more about the contest! Or, if you already have someone in mind, head on over to LinkedIn and nominate your favorite salesperson today!