How to Achieve Maximum Sales Efficiency (Infographic)

November 5, 2019

Sales Efficiency Infographic

According to LinkedIn’s State of Sales report, salespeople spend about 40% of their time actually selling. The remainder of their day is spent updating their CRM, filling out expense reports, training, and sitting in internal meetings.

So these are crucial questions for salespeople:

  • How can you be more productive?
  • How can you make the time you spend selling be more efficient?

One way to become more efficient is with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator is a tool that harnesses the power of LinkedIn and our network of more than 645 million professionals. Sales Navigator helps sales professionals acquire new business, expand existing customer relationships, and maximize productivity.

Sales Navigator enables users to identify the right leads and accounts by using our advanced search and powerful filters. Sales Navigator also provides inroads into these relationships by showing you paths to buyers through the connections and communities you share. Finally, we help you take action by offering a wealth of insights and tools to help you build your relationships in a personalized way.

Recent updates have further boosted Sales Navigator’s capabilities to make you more efficient. Our newly redesigned homepage showcases alerts on your leads and accounts, so you can easily sift through the noise and take immediate action. The ability to create custom lists of your saved leads and accounts allows you to better organize and prioritize your work, right within Sales Navigator.

But Sales Navigator isn’t the only path to greater efficiency. In this “How to Achieve Maximum Sales Efficiency” infographic, 13 sales experts provide some additional insight about boosting sales productivity. Here’s a cross-section of their advice:

Extremely productive sellers say no to unnecessary meetings, co-worker interruptions, and accepting tasks that aren’t theirs. — Mike Schultz, President, Rain Group

Look at those around you who get things done and learn what they do, because success leaves clues. — Lori Richardson, CEO, Score More Sales/President, Women Sales Pros

Time is the most precious resource for every salesperson, and that’s why they need absolute clarity about their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). — Tony Hughes, Managing Director, RSVPselling

The single biggest productivity drain is spending time chasing unwinnable opportunities because they are unqualified.— Julie Thomas, President-CEO, ValueSelling Associates.

The No. 1 thing I see that separates high-performing sales professionals is their ability to own their time and their calendar … Focus on those things that provide you with the highest ROI first. — Jeff Davis, Founder and Growth Strategist, JD2 Consulting Group

View the complete infographic below.

  • How to Achieve Maximum Sales Efficiency Infographic

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