Live from Dreamforce: LinkedIn’s “Live With Sales Leaders”

November 19, 2019

Live With Sales Leaders

It’s no secret that the job has changed for salespeople. Quotas are harder to meet. Sales technologies, ranging from CRM systems to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, are the tools of the trade. And the presence of buying committees has made it imperative that sales professionals have multi-threaded connections to prospect companies.

In the meantime, sales management is also being remade. This transformation is the subject of LinkedIn’s latest “Live With Sales Leaders.” This episode, “A Definitive Look at Sales Management,” will be live-streamed from Dreamforce on Thursday, November 21 at 2:30pm ET/11:30am PT.

This “Live With Sales Leaders” features Salesforce executives Nina Somerville, Jennifer Lagaly, and Shannon McGovern. The show will be hosted by LinkedIn’s Andy Kellam. The panelists will dive deep into the transformation of sales management.

Here’s a cross-section of the topics to be covered:

  • Finding Talented Salespeople. As the world grows more technically complex, the skills required of salespeople is changing. Because on 32% of companies believe that have the talent in place to achieve their business goals, sales managers are looking for new skills to build their teams. For instance, many companies who sell business software and other complicated products are finding that salespeople with teaching skills are seeing success.
  • Motivating Salespeople. Quotas are no longer the sole way to motivate sellers. Salespeople, especially Millennials, want to expand their skills and see a purpose in their work.
  • Increasing Forecasting Accuracy. Sales managers are increasingly relying on data in an effort to more accurately predict their forecasts quarter by quarter. 
  • Changing Sales Metrics. While quarterly quotas remain a crucial measure of success, sales managers are relying on different metrics — such as churn rates and lifetime customer value — to build long-term success.
  • Upgrading Training Programs. An increasingly complex world demands regular training. Miller Heiman Group recommends creating a “culture of continuous development” in your sales organization to keep pace.
  • Embracing Adaptability. Change is coming at sales organizations fast. Managing change is an increasingly crucial skill for sales managers who are juggling changes in technology,  handling growing buying committees, and searching for the right talent to fill open sales roles.

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