Real Faces of Sales Awards: Now Accepting Your Nominations in North America!

February 5, 2019

Faces of Two Female Sales Professionals

Some salespeople are naturally outspoken about their success and accomplishments. They proudly promote their achievements, write books, broadcast thought leadership, or give keynote speeches. There’s nothing wrong with any of that.

But there are many more great sales pros out there doing awesome work that goes largely unnoticed. They quietly toil away, refining their craft and driving results. They put customers first and build lasting relationships. They set an example the rest of us would be well served to follow.

This year, we wanted to honor those salespeople who are leading the way in this new age. And we’re counting on you to help us find them!

Introducing the Real Faces of Sales Awards 2019

Here on the blog, we often highlight prominent thought leaders, influencers, and experts in sales that are doing remarkable things. But we also want to recognize your fellow salespeople out there advancing the profession.

The Real Faces of Sales Awards are part of our growing effort to elevate and celebrate these people. Here are the details.

Who Can Be Nominated?

Any salesperson! Do you have a peer or colleague that has impressed you with their insightful, inclusive, encouraging, or personable sales style? In particular, we’re looking for the unsung sales heroes who are expanding their customer relationships, acquiring new business, and maximizing their sales productivity with modern sales tactics.

Anyone who identifies as a salesperson is eligible, whether they’re pitching B2B software solutions or selling used cars at your neighborhood lot.

How Can I Nominate Someone?

It’s easy. Create a public LinkedIn post with a short story or blurb explaining whom you’ve chosen to nominate and why. Make sure that you:

  1. Tag the salesperson you’re nominating using the @ function

  2. Tag LinkedIn Sales Solutions using the @ function

  3. Include both of these hashtags: #RealSales and #LIAwards

The most compelling entries will illustrate how forward-thinking sales professionals are excelling or innovating in these areas:

  • Targeting the right buyers, including building their lead lists and securing warm introductions

  • Understanding their buyers, including identifying the buying circle, interpreting intent signals and using “sales trigger events” to deepen client relationships

  • Engaging with buyers in a personalized way, including working with marketing to launch targeted campaigns, using content to broaden an account’s footprint, and sending super personalized emails  

  • Closing the deal, including locking in the renewal and upsell

Why Should I Nominate Someone?

Sales is tough, and can sometimes feel thankless as we chase quotas and focus on results. This is your opportunity to shine a light on top performers who inspire you and provide a shining example of how it’s done. Whether your direct report or someone that makes your life easier with their sales tactics, you can show some love to salespeople who deserve it. Winners will receive global recognition, spotlighting on the LinkedIn sales blog and social channels, and a fancy plaque.

How Will Winners Be Selected?

Nominations will be reviewed by an independent agency and sorted into twenty finalists per region. We’ll reach out to the nominators of those finalists one last time for a final statement on why their nominee deserves to win. Then, all finalists will be reviewed by a panel of external judges made up of industry experts. They will choose winners across these four categories:

  • Prospecting Star: They target decision makers with laser precision, map out buying committees, and always know how to loop the right people into a meeting or sales conversation.

  • Super Sleuth Salesperson: They do their homework, and uncover meaningful insights that help them understand a prospect and their business. They know how to tailor a sales pitch that’s anything but generic.

  • Relationship Maven: They engage customers throughout a deal cycle (and beyond), finding authentic reasons to stay in touch, and bringing value to each interaction. They remember details like birthdays, anniversaries, hobbies, etc.

  • People’s Choice Award: This catch-all category will simply recognize the salesperson with the highest number of total nominations.

In other words, judges will be looking for folks who embody the traits of a personable, trustworthy sales partner. Winners in North America will be announced in March 2019, with winners from Europe, Brazil, Asia & Australia announced later in the year.

Fire Up Those Nominations!

The Real Faces of Sales Awards were created to give the unsung heroes the recognition they deserve. We’re looking forward to hearing about the successes of these upcoming leaders in the sales world, whose savvy ways have gone uncelebrated for far too long. Thanks in advance for the warm introductions.

Submissions are open from now until Wednesday, February 20th. Winners will be announced in the latter half of March. Nominate your favorite salesperson today!