Tales of Sales: How Modern Leaders Build Strong Relationships

November 20, 2019

If building trust with buyers were easy, then it wouldn’t be very valuable. Reaching this level of credibility and rapport takes earnest effort, and can often be an uphill battle in an environment where prospects are fatigued by pushy, irrelevant sales messaging. 

But by doing so effectively, sellers can set themselves apart, driving more deals, referrals, and recurring revenue.

The path to establishing genuine trust with the people we serve (or wish to serve) lies in cultivating meaningful relationships. Sellers increasingly understand this. According to LinkedIn’s latest State of Sales report, 87% of decision makers say the sales pros they work with are focused on building relationships. But naturally, far fewer are succeeding at it.

So, which techniques and approaches work best for moving the needle and solidifying these important bonds? For our “Tales of Sales” video interview series, we asked seasoned sales leaders to share their experiences and advice when it comes to forging stronger connections with prospects and customers.

Sales Leaders Share Their Views on Relationship-Building

In the videos below, you can watch short excerpts from interviews conducted by LinkedIn’s Audrey Lowder and Jesse Rothstein with forward-thinking sales leaders from various industries, surfacing their perspectives on the cornerstones of relationship-building in sales. 

Mike Bengel, S&P Global on Always Preparing

"What does the client or potential client want to get out of the meeting? What are their three priorities?"

Chris MacKenzie, RSM US LLP on the Value of Face-to-Face Meetings

"When I'm at a client's office, the motion detectors are on all the time."

Joe DeHaai, RSM US LLP on the Art of Listening

“If you take the time to really listen and learn from prospects or clients, they're gonna trust you a lot faster.”

Nichole Jordan, Grant Thorton on Building Relationships Online

"If an individual is connected over LinkedIn, it's an indicator that there's a good relationship there and you can do a lot more to build loyalty."

Build Sales Relationships the Right Way

A trusting personal relationship is the foundation upon which profitable business relationships are built. With this crucial directive, there are no “hacks” or shortcuts. As the sales executives above explain, it takes preparation, personal connection, active listening, and social media savvy. But the effort you invest in relationship-building will almost always pay dividends over time. 

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