Tales of Sales: Leadership Lessons from the Frontline

December 12, 2019

Tales of Sales: Leadership Lessons from the Frontline

Sales leadership is the hidden differentiator. 

A strong leader for the sales team can boost performance, ease the onboarding process, embed new techniques and strategies, increase retention, aid in the successful adoption of technology, and much more. A capable, confident, credible, and curious sales leader is one of the most vital assets an organization can have.

And in the immortal words of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi, “Leaders aren’t born, they’re made.” 

To help you sharpen your leadership skills and make yourself a more effective manager, we’re sharing perspectives from respected sales leaders who are taking charge in the field. 

Experts Share Their Views on Sales Leadership

In the videos below, you can watch short excerpts from interviews conducted by LinkedIn’s Audrey Lowder and Jesse Rothstein with forward-thinking sales leaders from various industries, surfacing their perspectives on the cornerstones of sales leadership. 

Linda Brunner, Siemens Healthineers, on Retaining Talent

“Bringing their core expertise to help the organization transition gives them that purpose.”

Joe DeHaai, RSM US LLP, on the Best Business Advice He’s Received

“If we do both of those things, we teach and learn, our success rate and close rate is significantly higher.”

Chris MacKenzie, RSM US LLP, on the Building Trust Internally

"People have to believe in you in order to trust you. If you're genuine, and you call it the way you see it, then I think it works."

Take the Lead in 2020

With a new year and new decade ahead, there’s no better time to focus on growing and strengthening your sales leadership prowess. Whether you’re an aspiring leader or already in such a position, these skills are invaluable. For more guidance on getting more out of your team, check out our pocket guide on the Art of Sales Coaching.

Meanwhile, we’ll have more installments from “Tales of Sales,” exploring many other key topics in modern selling, coming soon. Make sure you subscribe to the LinkedIn Sales Blog so you don’t miss out.