Tales of Sales: How Sales Leaders are Benefiting from Technology

October 15, 2019

Modern Office with Sales Technology

Sales technology is a vast and sometimes intimidating frontier, bringing to mind steep learning curves and endless complexities. 

According to Sales Hacker, the sales tech landscape now includes at least 950 different players. Finding the right software and smoothly implementing it can undeniably provide a major edge, but this is easier said than done.

As part of our new “Tales of Sales” video series, we asked modern sales leaders about where they are really seeing the benefits of sales technology in the field. How do these tools make their teams more efficient? What role does technology play in solidifying buyer trust? Where is the greatest impact being seen? And how can sales tech support the critical focus of building relationships at scale?  

Sales Leaders Share Their Views on Sales Technology

In the videos below, you can watch short excerpts from interviews conducted by LinkedIn’s Audrey Lowder and Jesse Rothstein with forward-thinking sales leaders from various industries, surfacing their perspectives on the state of sales technology today. 

Mike Bengel, S&P Global, on How To Be More Efficient

“If I have to take a lot of time to learn something, I'm not going to use it.”

Chris MacKenzie, RSM US LLP, on Building Trust

“Stuff that can be repetitive tasks, they're going away.”

Nichole Jordan, Grant Thorton, on the Impact of Sales Technology

“Technology has created a huge momentum and way forward in building relationships.”

Linda Brunner, Siemens Healthineers, on Nurturing a New Relationship

“Folks that are coming out of school now and coming into the organization, they are digital natives.”

Lead the Way with Sales Technology

A key to success today lies in identifying technology that makes sense for your team, can be adopted with minimal friction, and helps you build stronger relationships at scale. Thanks to Mike, Chris, Nichole, and Linda for helping lead the charge, and for sharing their insights with us.

We’ll have more installments from “Tales of Sales,” covering a variety of important topics in modern selling, in the weeks to come. Make sure you subscribe to the LinkedIn Sales Blog so you don’t miss out.