Tales of Sales: Building Trust as a Modern Seller

October 23, 2019

Tales of Sales: Trust

Trust is the glue that holds buyer-seller relationships together. This was true in the days of handshake deals and it’s true in the days of digital sign-offs. 

The methods of building and strengthening trust, however, have changed radically. Modern sales pros don’t always have the luxury of a face-to-face interaction when engaging a prospect. This means we have to take advantage of every opportunity to show we actually care, and back it up.

LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2018 report found that trust is the top indicator for sales success, with a whopping 99% of sales pros calling it “important” or “very important.” Given the urgency and challenge, you won’t find many areas more worthy of focusing your effort and attention.

We wanted to learn how today’s sellers in the field are successfully building relationships on a foundation of trust. So we asked.

Sales Leaders Share Their Views on Trust in Sales

In the videos below, you can watch short excerpts from interviews conducted by LinkedIn’s Audrey Lowder and Jesse Rothstein with forward-thinking sales leaders from various industries, surfacing their perspectives on trust in sales today. 

Mike Bengel, S&P Global on Building Trust

When you talk to anyone that's a prospect, you have to look at them and talk to them like they're your uncle's friend, and your uncle referred you to that person.

Chris MacKenzie, RSM US LLP on the Importance of Empathy

You just have to care. And people will see that.

Nichole Jordan, Grant Thorton on Three Ways to Build Loyalty

Listening intently, understanding what is important to others, and making that important to us.

Joe DeHaai, RSM US LLP on Being Genuine

You can have the greatest technology and the greatest strategy but if you don't care about your end customer or the people that work for you, you'll fail.

Trust is an Essential Element of Sales Success

Developing a trusting rapport with your prospects and customers is not easy. And it shouldn’t be. But those who put in the work, and are driven by genuine intentions, will always be rewarded. We greatly appreciate Mike, Chris, Nichole, and Joe sharing their views on the tenets of trust-building.

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