Tales of Sales: How Mike Bengel Handles Sales Management

January 9, 2020

Tales of Sales: How Mike Bengel Handles Sales Management

This is a strange new world, and we’re all figuring it out together.

In trying to keep pace with the shifting landscape of a profession that lies at the crux of commerce’s digital evolution, sales pros can find guidance from numerous sources: blogs, eBooks, regular books, seminars, conferences, training programs, thought leaders, etc. But for many of us, nothing quite matches the relatable insight of our peers who are out there in the field.

If this describes you, Mike Bengel is someone worth listening to. Formerly Senior Director of Sales for S&P Global Market Intelligence, Mike has sales management experience going back more than a decade. He specializes in building strong teams and helping his sellers tap new levels of performances, in large part because he keenly understands this changing environment and what it takes to adapt.

This made Mike a perfect fit for our “Tales of Sales” series, where we share the perspectives of real B2B sales leaders who are making an impact in the strange new world of selling. We asked him about dealing with information overload, proactive prospecting, and the best sales pitch he’s ever encountered (the answer to this one took us by surprise). 

Sales Leader Mike Bengel on Succeeding with Modern Selling

In the videos below, you can watch short excerpts from interviews conducted by LinkedIn’s Audrey Lowder with Mike, surfacing his perspectives on leading sellers today. 

Mike on Information Overload

“You really have to be very critical about the data that you bring in, otherwise you can just overwhelm yourself.”

Mike on Prospecting Everyday

“You have to be opening on a consistent basis in order to be closing on a consistent basis.”

Mike on the Best Sales Pitch He’s Heard

"I look down and I’m like, okay, he’s got a point."

Be Like Mike

Scrutinize your data. Prospect relentlessly. Be candid and honest with prospects and customers. These are all undeniably good pieces of advice, and we thank Mike for sharing them. 

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