Social Selling Tips of the Week: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Benefit from the hard-won wisdom of those who have come before you. Read the personal recommendations top sales experts.

April 22, 2016

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We’d all love to imagine ourselves as the self-made, rugged individual: the person who succeeds through their own ingenuity and force of will. The truth, however, is that almost no one goes it alone. (Or at least, those that do don’t make it very far.) Most leaders and innovators in every industry are standing on the shoulders of giants.

Look behind these seemingly individual achievements, and you’ll find a long line of mentors, forerunners, and support structures—from candid advisors, to long-dead authors, to friends and families.

Social selling is no different. No one person has mastered it all on their own: everyone is learning from each other and borrowing best practices. So if you’re feeling a bit lost or like you’ve reached a plateau, there’s no reason to bear the burden alone or beat your head against the wall.

The best way to become a social selling leader is to listen to what the other leaders are doing—by absorbing what they learned the hard way, you can skip a few steps and secure a major competitive advantage.

This week’s roundup of social selling tips collects hard-won wisdom from experts, leaders, and high-achievers.

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10 Tips from a Sales Exec

With more than ten years of experience at Salesforce, Lynne Zaledonis has seen first-hand what separates high-performing sales reps from the rest. “What all successful, productive reps have in common is the capacity to learn,” she writes.

Exercise your learning muscles by diving into her 10 tips for lasting selling success—like focusing on relationships over raw metrics: “Your relationship with customers is what will drive your productivity and success,” Lynne shares, “and eventually lead to selling more.”

10 B2B Sales Lessons Learned the Hard Way

HubSpot spoke to nine B2B sales and marketing experts and got ten tried-and-true tips informed by personal experience. Rather than facts and figures or inspirational success stories, these lessons are centered around times where the leaders tried, failed, and came out on the other side a little smarter.

“I once said something in a sales presentation that was so profoundly obscene I have not shared the actual words with anyone, not even my wife,” relates Jeff Shore. “Was it fun? Heck, no. Did it make me a better salesperson? Absolutely. I have since learned that mistakes, failures, and stumbles are a necessary part of learning and growing.”

Learning from these experts is an easy way to up your social selling game. Just don’t forget to pay it forward and share your experiences once you’ve become a social selling superstar.

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