Multiplier Prospects: Targeting Leads That Spark a Chain Reaction

Discover why not all leads are created equal – and how to focus on the ones that open more doors after a deal is done.

November 14, 2016

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As any sales rep knows, not all prospects are built the same. Some are clearly one-time clients stymied by small budgets; others may walk away after months in the pipeline. Others have an even bigger flaw: they have very little influence on their network. That means that despite the time you put into cultivating the relationship, their business is essentially a dead end.

A much better way to craft your sales strategy is to focus on multiplier leads—leads that create a domino effect. These buyers have a network so powerful that they can find a way to connect you right to all sorts of other promising prospects.

The idea behind a multiplier lead is not new, of course. Sales trainer Tony Parinello has named the concept “marketing mobility”—the idea that each one of your leads should be “conduits for getting additional qualified prospects.” He favors picking prospects who can take you to ten more of them. “Make sure your sales efforts qualify a prospect who has depth of market and can lead you to future business,” writes Parinello.

There are all sorts of ways to identify multiplier leads—and it starts with thinking about who is in your social network.

Finding Multipliers

There are easy ways to get started with that on LinkedIn or Twitter. On social platforms, look through your list of connections, then refine the list by asking, “Who seems to be really killing it in their field?” Look for those prospects in your target market who are making waves, presenting at conferences, and expanding their footprint exponentially.

Another way to find multiplier leads is to browse your LinkedIn home feed. Whose posts are getting lots of likes and engagement? It’s a huge bonus if they’re labeled “Influencer,” something that requires an invitation from LinkedIn. Aiming to get the attention of influencers—getting them to become big believers in your service—is a tried and true social selling strategy.

Turning Leads into Partners

When it comes to turning those multiplier leads into advocates for you or your product, it’s time to think outside the box. You should make a habit of social listening to offer useful advice to that person, and consistently share their content while adding your own unique take. It’s also essential to get on the same page with your marketing team to select the right leads, engage with content, and close deals.

The fact is, if you’re adding hundreds of leads to your pipeline, that may look impressive to a less savvy observer, but that doesn’t necessarily spell success. They have to be the right kinds of leads – ones with such a deep network of promising leads in their own right that making them a customer is more than any average sale.

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