Build Stronger Relationships at Your Target Accounts Through Promoters

Your happy, passionate customers can help you make progress within target accounts. Here are three ways you can capitalize on their willingness to promote you.

April 10, 2017

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You’ve likely heard of customer advocates: customers who are such passionate fans of your company and that they’re willing to spread the word far and wide on your behalf. The fact is customer advocates drive new business, so it’s easy to see why companies go to great lengths to tap into their power. You can do the same within your target accounts, by recruiting those who rank high on the Net Promoter Score scale.

The Net Promoter Score indicates how likely a customer is to recommend your product or company – or even you as a sales rep – to others. A customer’s willingness to promote you can help in more ways than one with your named accounts.  

Pave the Way for Warm Introductions

Like you, your promoters are likely connected to many other like-minded professionals. In other words, if your customer is the CTO of a manufacturing company, she probably knows other technology leaders in that industry and beyond. Compare your network to your promoter’s network to identify contacts at your target accounts, or contacts who are connected with people at your target accounts. Next, do a bit of research to identify the best opportunities, and then ask your customer promoter for a warm introduction.

Get the Buying Committee On Board

Let’s say you gained a promoter when you successfully sold into an account and are now trying to expand the account. But you are struggling to secure buy-in from all decision makers across the organization.

Getting them in lockstep can be tough, so call upon your customer promoter to do some of that work for you. Figure out which type of decision maker your advocate is so you understand their influence within the target account. Since your promoter has already indicated a willingness to speak about you in glowing terms, there’s a good chance they’ll recommend you to others within their organization as well.

Cross-Pollinate Your Targeting Efforts

As mentioned, it’s common for people to network with their peers – it’s like they say: birds of a feather flock together. For example, CMOs congregate, just as CEOs like to gather. And research shows that B2B buyers turn to their peers for input and advice during the buying process. You can leverage this social tendency to make inroads with different target accounts.

For example, let’s say you’re on solid footing with one target account but are running into a few speed bumps as you try to convince the CFO at another account that your solution makes good financial sense. This is the perfect time to call upon your CFO promoter at a won account to help you make the business case. The target CFO is much more likely to give credence to a respected peer he can relate to, especially one who was once in his same position.

The value of your network relationships can extend in many directions. By harnessing the enthusiasm of your passionate customers to influence peers within your target accounts, you can build new relationships, strengthen existing ones, and ultimately, earn more business.

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