How Salespeople Are Pursuing Their Goals in 2019

March 19, 2019

How Salespeople Are Pursuing Their Goals in 2019

It’s March so the time for reflection and goal setting has come and gone. Most of us have already broken our new year’s resolution. We have -- which is why this blog post is getting to you now. Nevertheless, we thought it was helpful to share the 2018 reflections and 2019 plans from our sales community with you. Why? Because some of the insights may be helpful to you as you execute in 2019.

We asked you what your biggest achievement in 2018 was, this is what we heard:

You connected with your clients on a deeper level and focused on relationships. 24% said their top goal for 2018 was to build stronger relationships with their customers.  

“Becoming connected to the right people that helped open up relationships with the accounts we are working on and eventually helped the team close deals”

You crushed your quota. 32% said they exceeded their quota in all 4 quarters.

“I Landed the biggest deal in company history.”
“I was responsible for 67% of overall company sales."

And some of you were focused on big career changes - trying to create more opportunity for yourself and those around you. 

“Leadership training that helped me reflect on my style of leadership and building relationships and trust with your team.  I am a new manager of 3 years and still learning a lot about emotional intelligence and to step outside of the black and white of sales data.”
“I started out in a brand new industry with a new company after 30+ years working in a completely unrelated industry with several large companies… This represented a different and new approach to sales within a new company and within a new and unfamiliar industry.  Although challenging and at times disruptive, I took on this new challenge as a personal and professional growth opportunity in the latter portion of my career life. My greatest accomplishment was the ability to adapt, change, learn and stay engaged throughout the past year. Looking forward to 2019, I hope to use the insights I've gained in 2018 to better advise and consult with key influencers and decision makers to help advance the sales process within key accounts and key growth market segments.”

How are you going to make 2019 better than last year? This is what we heard is your sales strategy for 2019:

Always be prospecting. 

"I'm planning to switch from a conventional approach to sales and lead generation to a more modern inbound oriented sales strategy."
"If I can manage my time better, I can prospect more.  If I can prospect more, I can sell more." 

You’re trying to deepen your relationships with your clients and truly get to know them.

"Follow-up more often and make face-to-face visits with all clients."
"My approach needs to be more comprehensive, know the customer, know my competitors, know the needs / shortcomings of my client.  Be well informed."

And if your strategy from 2018 worked well…double down on that. 

Keeping a strong pipeline

"I plan to continue building pipeline, as I always have, because that's the real key to success. Sales effectiveness is important, but nothing trumps a well-curated and highly-stocked pipe." 

Taking a consultative sales approach

"My sales strategy remains unchanged.  Find people who want to grow their business then show them how we can help them do that."

Continually evaluating and optimizing your strategy throughout the year

"Sales strategy is always in constant motion. Strategies that I set at the beginning of the year are reviewed quarterly to see if the desired results are there or if we have to change strategy."

We were happy to hear in many of the survey responses that Sales Navigator and LinkedIn were a big part of that strategy.

"I started learning how LinkedIn can be used as a selling tool and relationship builder. I plan to use it next year as well."
"LinkedIn connections started conversations I normally couldn’t start."

Trying to start 2019 on the right foot? We’ve got you. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you with your sales strategy is for the New Year. Build more pipeline, deepen relationships, crush your quota.