Real Face of Sales: How Rob Thompson has Become an Essential Partner to his Customers in the Medical Wearables Market

UNYQ’s Rob Thompson shares his opinion on today’s sales landscape, and how building trusted relationships with customers has been key to his success

May 23, 2019

Real Faces of Sales

Wearable technology is rapidly changing the medical industry. Huge advances in prosthetics mean patients have more options and flexibility than ever before when it comes to treatment. Rob Thompson is the Sales Director at UNYQ — a company at the forefront of 3D printed prosthetic and orthotics, giving unprecedented levels of personalization and choice for limb amputees. UNYQ also create and sell a life-changing product for those suffering from scoliosis (a sideways curvature of the spine that is most common in late childhood and early teens). We sat down with Rob to discuss his role as a salesperson in the medical wearables space, and the partnerships he has created that help bring such incredible technology to those who really need it.

LinkedIn: What’s been the key to your success as a salesperson in this role?

Rob: At UNYQ, we understand that every sale is more than a simple transaction. With every medical wearable we sell, we are changing lives. My number one driver is being able to impact the patient and improve clinical outcomes. From a sales perspective, I would say that relationships have been key to our success. I work with physicians such as Dr. Lonner from Mount Sinai, to understand their and their patients’ challenges and between us we work out the best way to innovate and move forward. It’s a collaborative approach.

LinkedIn: Tell us a bit about your scoliosis brace product and the customer journey at UNYQ.

Rob: Traditionally there has been very little innovation in the spinal bracing industry. We are delivering true mass customization in orthopedic bracing and it’s really a compelling value prop for our customers. Once the patient has a prescription for a brace, our clinical specialist then meets with the patient and collects the intakes required to design the brace. They do a digital scan of the patient, measure the patient, take the xrays and pass on the information to our orthopedic designer who then designs these braces custom to that specific patient. That information then goes to the 3D printer where the brace is printed.

LinkedIn: Your customers include the clinicians, the 3D printers and of course the patients as well. What do you think makes a good salesperson with all these different buyers?

Rob: In my mind, a good salesperson seeks to understand the problems that their customers are facing — and finds a way to solve them. Salespeople have to deal with an increasing number of buyers and decision makers, so taking time to listen and build trusted relationships with customers is absolutely key. Empathy and compassion are other major factors; it’s not just about bottom lines. Good salespeople don’t just sell, we solve problems.

LinkedIn: What do you love most about your job?

Rob: What’s motivating for me is to see patients who have had older braces or technology. Once they actually try on or see our product — to see the look on their face. We take time to listen to patients and work with them to incorporate their personal styles to remove some of the stigma around wearing a brace. We deal with all age groups but specifically adolescents who are more sensitive to the prospect of wearing a brace 16 hours a day.

LinkedIn: How do you plan to continue growing business for UNYQ?

Rob: Our mission is to create the first real and number one consumer brand within the medical wearable market. And it takes more than one person to do that. Connections. Relationships. And actually caring about the outcome is key. And it’s this kind of thinking that will carry us into the future.

Dive deeper into Rob's story by taking a look at the video below.