Rise and Shine: 8 Best Songs for Salespeople to Wake Up to

Here’s how every salesperson can get a musical spring in their step

August 8, 2019

Songs for Salespeople

Editor's Note: As 2020 begins, we're looking back at some of 2019's most popular posts on the LinkedIn Sales Blog. This one ranked No. 4.

Being a brilliant salesperson requires constant motivation. Unparallel resilience. Communication skills beyond compare. But it also calls for the ability to chill out, funk out and rock out. Because more often than not, salespeople love and need music throughout their working day.

You see, the right song can get you pumped for that important call. The right track can help you tick off that to-do list. Music improves the mood, sharpens the mind and gets your physical and mental performance soaring.

Which is why we asked sellers the simple question:

"What’s your favorite song in the morning?"

The results are varied, spanning genres, decades and themes. And it all makes sense, considering how diverse you all are. So, here’s the LinkedIn Sales Solutions guide to the best music to start your day with – as chosen by you.

1. Thank U, Next – Ariana Grande

It’s the song that launched a thousand memes. It’s also where Ariana Grande name-drops her former flames in a way that is by no means a diss track. It’s all about staying positive and learning from failed relationships. A strong message for an uplifting day, surely. Salespeople, which prospects and customers have taught you love, patience and pain?

2. Tightrope – Janelle Monae

Here’s an anthem for championing a healthy work-life balance. As Janelle Monae so rightly sings, ‘you gotta keep your balance or you fall into the gap.’ So, sure, chase those leads, make those calls and attend those networking events. But, remember, spend time looking after yourself too.

3. Nice for What – Drake

Are you buying new clothes every time you meet a client? Or ordering champagne for every sale you make? Living the high-flying seller’s life might look good on the ‘gram (or on your LinkedIn profile), but remember: away from all the glitz and glamour (and grit) of the job, it’s important to stay true to the real ‘you’.

4. Levels – Avicii

There’s no real analysis for this one. It’s just an infectiously catchy track. Perfect for getting your energy levels up. For best results, turn it up to 11.

5. Rise – Jonas Blue ft. Jack & Jack

Having a bad week? This song is the soundtrack to your ‘bouncing back’ moment. It's what you listen to as you neaten your hair, adjust your collar and strut out the door knowing that you’re going to be brilliant at whatever the day throws at you. ‘What prospect rejection?’ I hear you ask. Exactly.

6. Focus – H.E.R.

Struggling to get a certain prospect’s attention? This song might resonate. The lyrics revolve around another party who is too engrossed in their device to realize you’re even there. Ouch. Perhaps a more sentimental song to wake up to in the morning, but it’ll heighten your sales intuition and encourage you to find a new way reach your customers.

7. Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy

This song begins with choppy guitar strums, before quickly diving into raw, emotional lyrics. The chorus is layered, upbeat and powerful. And Dermot Kennedy’s Irish accent adds a layer of authentic folksiness to the track. It’s a beautiful song about wanting someone – or in our case, a prospect – to be totally enamored by us (and our product). Now, who wouldn’t want that?

8. Toast - Koffee 

A song named after that delectable morning beverage, coffee? An artist whose name evokes memories of simple breakfasts with either jam, butter or eggs? This infectious song by the artist Toast fuses roots-reggae with pop sensibilities, giving us a unique sound to wake up to. Salespeople, get the kettle on and pop a fresh cut of sourdough under the grill. It’s going to be a good day.

What do you think of the playlist above? Is there anything we’ve missed or should’ve skipped? Let us know by following us on LinkedIn and sharing your thoughts.