Read This Guide to Make the Most of Sales Insights on LinkedIn

May 2, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Leveraging Sales Insights on LinkedIn

Preparation. It’s the foundation for every productive meeting, enlightening interview, and fruitful sales conversation.

Preparation enables you to enter sales engagements with an anticipatory understanding of a prospect’s pains and needs. It uncovers hidden paths to a warm intro or referral. It facilitates a helpful, consultative approach at a time when B2B buyers want partners, not vendors.

There’s no question: preparation is essential in today’s digital sales environment. Teams and companies that excel with this crucial step are outpacing the competition, both in results and reputation.

When it comes to researching and gathering insights that can direct and inform buyer outreach, LinkedIn is your ace in the hole. No resource comes close to matching the platform’s depth of accurate, updated, and actionable professional insights. It’s all about knowing what to look for.

The latest installment in our series of guides, Read Me If You Want to Make the Most of Sales Insights on LinkedIn, will help you discover ways to improve LinkedIn lead gen through a prepared, purposeful approach. What you’ll find within:

●      How to analyze a prospect’s LinkedIn profile

●      Tips for researching a prospect beyond LinkedIn

●      Ways your network can help you secure a warm introduction

●      How to pinpoint opportunities for deepening relationships

●      Ideas for integrating LinkedIn with other sales tools for lead generation

LinkedIn is the perfect network for learning details about a defined B2B audience. Our new guide will show you how to uncover key data and master outreach preparation.

Conduct prospect research the right way after you download and read our latest guide, Read Me If You Want to Make the Most of Sales Insights on LinkedIn.