Social Selling Tips of the Week: Taking a More Targeted Approach

Learn what separates today’s top sales performers from the rest: targeted marketing and social selling.

September 2, 2016

  • Taking-a-more-targeted-approach

What do the most successful sales teams—from tech startups, software giants, and media outlets—all have in common? They prioritize targeted, content-driven niche marketing. And they do it at every stage of company growth.

From the first fledgling wins to landing keystone industry accounts, companies that consistently generate inbound leads based on organic search simply outperform those that don’t. But what does account-based marketing (ABM) actually look like, and what are some simple ways to get your sales and marketing teams moving in the right direction?

This week’s tips will help clarify the power and simplicity of niche content marketing—and share ways you can implement this fundamental growth technique.

Generate Leads from the Get-Go with Smarter Marketing

This week’s first piece comes from Ryan Lallier, VP of Inside Sales at Datminr and founder of three startups. Ryan provides his perspective from the trenches of the startup world on the importance of organic lead generation from the very outset of business development.

In recounting his experience getting multiple startups off the ground, he notes the difference that marketing makes in the early stages of not only lead generation but conversions: “I've learned through failure that if your business can't generate leads then it will never generate enough sales for scalability and longevity,” Ryan writes.

Learn From These 4 Mistakes in Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

A recent Salesforce article from YesPath CEO and Co-Founder Jason Garoutte, makes a simple argument:  “If you’re a B2B marketer selling deals larger than $10,000, ABM deserves your attention.”

Jason goes on to highlight a few of the common mistakes and missteps companies make on the path to ABM—and, more importantly, how to avoid them.

Simply put, ABM works best through social interaction, diligent research, and “campaigns where marketers address the specific needs of a buyer with insight.” Those tenets should sound familiar to anyone who has dipped their toes in social selling.

4 Ways Your Sales Team Should Be Using LinkedIn (But Probably Isn't)

Our next piece comes from Paige Southard, Marketing Director at Sweet Fish Media. In a brilliant post on Hubspot, Paige takes a look at the way your sales team should be using LinkedIn to generate more inbound leads. Paige highlights the power and relevance of personal branding, research tools, relationship building capabilities, and publishing platform features of LinkedIn.

She ends the article with a simple call-to-action, reminding sales professionals that one of the most powerful features of LinkedIn is “targeting niche audiences within your network by sorting and grouping your connections.” Sometimes, the simplest tactics are the most effective.

Insights to Target Decisions Makers

You have to know about your audience before you can target them. While it’s critical to personalize your approach, it doesn’t hurt to understand the big picture first.

That’s why LinkedIn created our latest free tipsheet: Decision Maker Insights for Sales Professionals. Get the insights you need to engage, along with trending topics, handy stats, and helpful suggestions for outreach. 

It’s easy to get lost in complicated sales strategies, but one major secret of successful sales teams is simple: focus early and often on inbound lead generation. Engage your prospects with targeted content and incorporate social selling into your overall sales strategy and drive sales year after year.

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