Social Selling Tips of the Week: Managing Sales Uncertainty

Learn how social selling can turn uncertainty into just another part of the client relationship. Embrace change and prepare for whatever comes your way.

October 7, 2016

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It seems like we see a new sales technology “game-changer” every single week. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, CRM integration, and even simple software updates can disrupt reliable business models that have worked like clockwork for decades.

Sales has already gone social, and in this new landscape of networks within networks, it’s easy to feel a little uncertain about your company’s new Internet-driven sales funnel. So to bring your sales team up to speed (and to lower your sales manager’s heart rate), here are a few ways to manage uncertainty in today’s rapidly changing sales world.

Social Selling Without Training: Biggest Barrier to Success

In this week’s first post, author and social selling trainer Jamie Shanks reminds businesses that it takes training to make social selling truly effective. “72% of executives identified social selling techniques as the biggest influence on go-to-market strategy for the year ahead,” Shanks writes.

However, while social selling consistently ranks highest amongst sales strategies in “ease of implementation,” companies can struggle to see results if they neglect proper training and implementation—most notably shifting expectations and poor marketing and sales alignment. Make sure your social selling team gets the right start and avoid uncertainty down the road.

23 Better Alternatives to the “Just Checking In” Email

Our next article comes from HubSpot Editor Leslie Ye, who points out 23 ways to avoid mindlessly spamming potential clients with formulaic follow up emails. Nothing is more uncertain than an unfinished connection. However, uninformed “just checking in” emails are unforgivably lazy in today’s socially connected world.

Ye argues, “The thing that makes ‘just checking in’ emails so tempting to send—their ease—is the same the reason they’re worthless: They’re easy to write because they don’t provide any value to your buyer.”

Her tips include sending valuable content instead, such as:

●     A short piece of actionable advice

●     A how-to guide (with an offer for follow-up)

●     An answer to one of their questions on an online forum

●     An event recommendation in their area

●     A link to relevant press coverage of one of your highest-profile customers

Social selling is exactly that—social. Use social networks to find and provide value for clients and avoid pointless follow-ups.

Hanging On By A Thread: How Uncertainty Can Be An Opportunity For Growth

This week’s final piece is a look at LinkedIn’s latest eBook about how uncertainty can be an opportunity for growth.

The book focuses on three main topics:

1.   Creating Strong Relationships that Reduce Risk and Accelerate Deals: Networks are an essential resource in times of stagnation or uncertainty.

2.   Guiding Organizations Through Times of Change: A look at sales executive perspective and leadership

3.   The Future of Social Selling: A new era of engagement

Social relationships are the foundation of modern business, and the lifeblood of the new sales funnel. Download the eBook and learn how to nurture stronger networks that can ease future uncertainty.

Uncertainty Drives Innovation, Not the Other Way Around

Innovation isn’t the cause of uncertainty—quite the opposite. New systems are created to deal with old problems. Today’s suite of social selling tools and CRM systems are the answer to a question that you didn’t know your customers have been asking—how can I find the best, fastest solution to my problem?

Do you have the skills to answer that question for them? Manage uncertainty throughout the sales funnel and you’ll provide the targeted solutions that build the kind of trust and loyalty that turn prospects into advocates and clients into keystone accounts.

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