Social Selling Tips of the Week: Your Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Learn how to implement and scale social selling techniques and account-based marketing programs for a more efficient sales funnel.

October 21, 2016

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The traditional sales funnel has changed. Old news, right? You’ve heard that before and you’ll hear it again, but do you know what’s really driving the shift away from the typical top-down funnel toward today’s dynamic, efficient funnel?

How are your competitors streamlining their targeting process? What tools are they using to maximize conversion rates and reduce lost time and money in the endless prospecting stage?

Account-based marketing (ABM) and social selling are the engines driving the new sales funnel. But like so many sales and marketing tools, ABM and social selling work in tandem with slightly different goals, targets, and best uses. Bring your sales and marketing teams up to speed with a look at how ABM and social selling can transform your sales pipeline.

The Real Power of Social Selling

Social selling is about a lot more than just engagement. The most transformative element of social selling might just be finally discovering your customer’s intent.

In a recent Pulse article, social selling expert Vernon Bubb notes how gathering the right “intent data” via social selling can radically transform targeting and prospecting efficiency.

“The ability to identify and respond to intent signals is the characteristic that separates the very best social sellers from the rest.” Bubb continues, “One of the least appreciated and most significant benefits of social selling is the way that it can free your organisation from the burden [of endless prospecting].”

Transform the sales process from push to pull with smart social selling tools that give your team the data they need to reach prospects that convert.

How to Scale Account-Based Marketing & Sales Programs

ABM and social selling are essential, but organizations need clarity and structure to implement these programs. Avention CEO Steve Pogorzelski, outlines the three simple steps for scaling an account based marketing program:

1.   Assign Roles

2.   Align Around Data

3.   Connect your ABM Stack to your Current Infrastructure

Pogorzelski cautions, “An effective ABM process does not start with engagement. Execution without proper account selection wastes effort. Engagement without sales and marketing alignment wastes opportunity.”

Don’t waste effort and opportunity with the wrong ABM and social selling strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to Account-Based Marketing and Social Selling

Account-based marketing is a must-have component of a successful B2B social selling strategy. However, the shift toward a smaller targeted account pool and the increased reliance on real-time metrics can be daunting.

That’s why LinkedIn’s “Ultimate Guide to Account-Based Marketing and Social Selling” breaks down the seven key steps to creating an effective and scalable ABM program. Steps like:

●  Finding and engaging decision-makers

●  Create highly-targeted, relevant content

●  Measuring the impact of your program

●  Positioning ABM as a strategic initiative within your organization

Download the eBook and get started implementing a marketing strategy that will transform the way you sell.

Less Is More

The future of sales is laser-focused targeting. Smaller pools of highly qualified prospects saves your sales team hundreds of wasted hours engaging with the wrong buyers. Leverage intent data from social selling and create an undeniable competitive advantage over the outdated “spray and pray” strategies of the past.

Embrace the transformative power of account-based marketing and social selling software and transform not only the way your sales funnel functions, revolutionize the way you identify and engage future clients.

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