Social Selling Tips of the Week: Smarter Sales Intelligence

Learn how the best sales teams are stepping up their sales intelligence with social strategies and cutting-edge tools.

November 11, 2016

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Sales intelligence tools are evolving at a breakneck pace. Platforms and software that were considered peripheral engagement or analytics tools just a few years ago are now essential lead generation and prospecting channels for sales strategies across the board.

Top sellers have to adapt—and soon—if they hope to find actionable information in the flood of buyer data. In case you missed it, here’s a crash course of where intelligent social selling is in 2016 and how you can make the latest software work to achieve your sales goals.

How Do You Train the Modern Sales Professional?

The best sales intelligence technology only works if your employees understand it. While millennials recently became the largest segment of employees in the country in 2015, adapting cutting-edge sales intelligence tools and social strategies to multigenerational sales teams can be a challenge.

Luckily, Mark Bashrum, SVP at Richardson, believes this demographic shift creates an opportunity. Sales managers can rethink their approaches to sales training and engage their team in new ways with current technology. “Technology is both the cause of and a solution to the challenge of engaging today’s learners,” Bashrum argues.

With the right training, smart selling tools successfully bridge the gap across the learning curve for new selling tools, making everyone on the team a more effective seller.

An Intelligent Social Selling Toolkit

From data collection to predictive analytics, sales intelligence tools are evolving rapidly. It seems like a new product launches every week. But the most advanced tools might not be the ones you need. Brian Trautschold from Salesforce provides a checklist with four basic sales intelligence tools and procedures to outfit any sales team.

Trautschold asks a simple question, “What are the basic necessities for my sales team to be successful?” Every social selling strategy should grow from a strong foundation—even ones driven by mountains of prescriptive analytic data. Trautschold highlights these fundamentals as a clear sales process, automating repetitive tasks, an optimized CRM, and tracking critical sales goals.

No matter how intelligent your sales software is, the basics of social selling will continue to drive your sales team for years.

The State of Sales in 2016

Technology is essential in today’s competitive sales landscape. LinkedIn’s State of Sales in 2016 survey investigates the link between top performers and a variety of sales technologies and strategies—including, most notably, social selling tools.

According to the study, “90% of top salespeople use social selling tools,” and social selling tools and CRM were rated as the “most likely to deliver value.” Other sales intelligence software includes email tracking tools, productivity apps, and other intelligent software. Still, social selling adoption that “build relationships with prospects and customers by leveraging professional social networks” dominated the survey.

The numbers are in: the future of intelligent sales is decidedly social.

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