Industry Insights Report: Trends, Predictions, and Buzzwords for 2017

Discover the hottest topics in sales this year, including a fresh take on buzzwords, with these trends and predictions for 2017.

January 6, 2017

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The New Year is officially off and running. Many of you are working with a refueled engine this week after closing out 2016 on vacation. Good for you. EOY is a great time to relax and refresh, especially if you hit your number.

EOY is also a great time to reflect and predict. To aid these efforts, we’re greeted with abundance of content that helps us acknowledge where we’ve been and anticipate where we’re headed. If you were away relaxing to close out 2016, or if you were scrambling to capture every last opportunity, here are a few EOY insights you may have missed.

Business Leaders Tout Their Top Sales Trends for 2017

Optimism and opportunity abound in this prediction-laden post from GetApp. Here are two snippets that stood out:

“In 2017, let’s enter as change facilitators, use our positions as knowledge experts in our fields, to enter during the change management activities, and lead the change. We wait while buyers do this anyway – it’s the length of the sales cycle. It’s not sales, but hell – why wait until they do it when we can help them do it far more efficiently.”

--Sharon Drew Morgen, Sales Coach and Consultant

Knowledge sells—Field-tested insights are highly valuable commodities in today’s marketplace. People have a hunger for good ideas, so it’s important to share what you know. The more you share, the deeper your backlist of knowledge grows, and the more value you offer to your community members.”

--Colleen Francis, Sales Consultant, Speaker, and Author

Is “MQLs” a Four-Letter Word in Your Office?

“Technically speaking, it’s four words already,” says Gartner’s Todd Berkowitz in his 10 “fearless predictions” for B2B tech sales and marketing this year. “But I meant the bad kind of four-letter word you don’t say in polite company.”

Berkowitz’s predictions pack an ever-broader appeal as a greater percentage of B2B sales pros don the “tech sales” label with each passing year. It’s a good mix of what’s around the corner, what’s coming back, and where we’ll find balance.

If Everyone Is Disruptive, Is Anyone Disruptive?

If you came here looking for the hottest buzzwords to use in 2017, Joanne Black has bad news for you: “Just because a well-known business leader coins a new phrase doesn’t mean we have to use it … ad nauseam,” says Black. “Why would you want to sound just like everyone else anyway? Success in selling is all about relationships, which means your personality is an asset. So be unique. Or at the very least, don’t be boring.”

Black notes that, if your team sounds just like everyone else, even the most effective sales tactics don’t work. So while others seek out the next wave of buzzwords to use in 2017, here’s a half dozen you can actively avoid.

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