Trending This Week: Tidy Up Your Sales Meetings

March 30, 2018

Sales Meetings

If change is on your agenda this spring, internal sales meetings are a good place to start. Bad meetings don’t just drain resources, they drain morale. A productive meeting, on the other hand, has attendees exiting with enthusiasm, clear on vision, expectations, and next actions.

In our roundup of trending sales content, we point you to a post that aims to make your sales meetings more profound and less mundane. You’ll also discover tips for replying to those goose bump-inducing responses from sales prospects, plus a primer on incrementally earning the type of trust that leads to closed deals.

What Sales Pros Were Reading and Sharing This Week:

1) 4 Keys to Successful Sales Management Meetings

Do you have days that feel like one giant meeting? One recent study found executives spend an average of 23 hours a week in meetings, up from 10 hours in the 60’s. On the Sales Benchmark Index blog, Bob McKenzie explains how sales leaders can transform the culture surrounding sales meetings so that value is the expectation, not an aberration.

2) How to Handle an Email Response (hint: Don’t Panic)

It’s your lucky day. One of your targeted sales prospects just replied to your message, and they’re interested. While your first instinct may be to shoot off a reply for the sake of striking while the iron is hot, it’s even more important that your reply is logical. Josh Sloane at LeadFuze helps you stay cool so that you can prepare a thoughtful response for each lead type.

3) Five Essential Facts You Need to Know About Sales Prospecting

When it comes to sales prospecting, opinions are easy to come by. And while it’s generally a good idea to learn from others’ experience, doing so blindly can lead to subpar results for your situation. On the Selling Power blog, guest contributor Mike Schultz from the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research debunks five common myths sellers hear about prospecting.

4) Trust is Critical to the Sale

“Creating trust is your responsibility,” advises sales consultant Grant Cardone. Customers are naturally skeptic, and in many cases, the seeds of distrust have already been sewn. You, yourself, may have done nothing to deserve this distrust, yet to move your sale forward, you still need to overcome pre-conceived notions. Cardone addresses three ways sellers can incrementally earn their prospect’s trust and warm them to discussion.

5) 5 Ways AI Can Help Sales and Marketing Alignment

We know artificial intelligence (AI) plays a part in our everyday lives, from Siri to Pandora. Did you know AI helps sales and marketing work more collaboratively, leading to happier B2B customers who buy more? Marketo demand generation manager Deanna Graves explains how AI can drive sales and marketing alignment to increase sales and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

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