Trending This Week: The B2C Buying Habits of B2B Buyers

May 25, 2018

We talk about change a lot. Both in our own posts, and in what we share in these weekly trending roundups. Today’s B2B buyers are influenced by everything from technology to shifts in the marketplace. But are they influenced by their own habits as consumers?

We’re all consumers in our daily lives. We buy groceries. We shop online. We make purchases large and small. Could these B2C buying habits be influencing how B2B buyers act?

Below you’ll find an interesting look at how advances in B2C sales may be changing B2B. You’ll also learn what Blockbuster and Netflix can teach you about B2B sales, the importance of defining sales roles, and more.

Here’s What Sales Professionals Are Reading and Sharing This Week:

B2B Sales is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know to Engage Prospects and Close More Deals

As someone who is relatively new to B2B sales and marketing, Amanda Mercer at Drift has an intriguing perspective on the evolution of B2B sales. She looks at consumers’ expectations in a B2C purchase and says that B2B salespeople should implement a B2C strategy into their own sales. Doing so isn’t as simple as taking the B2C sales process and copying it for B2B sales, but you can pull important lessons from how B2C buyers act. Mercer identifies four keys to creating a modern sales process:

  1. Meet buyers where they are
  2. Get sales reps involved early in the funnel
  3. Create metrics that reflect conversations, not just conversions
  4. Engage prospects in real time

How B2B Marketing Is Impacting Sales Teams

Marketing needs sales, and sales needs marketing. Yet we know the two teams don’t always coordinate as well as they could. A recent Sales for Life post examines B2B marketing’s impact on sales, highlighting the value B2B sellers can glean from their marketing counterparts.

When sales teams align with marketing they can take advantage of the legwork marketing has already done. This includes reaching the buyer sooner and using the content created by marketing teams to drive not just more, but better leads.

What Blockbuster Video and Netflix Teach Us About B2B Sales

You probably haven’t thought about Blockbuster in a while. Why would you? The old movie rental model is outdated, replaced by streaming and on-demand services like Netflix. It’s an evolution that can teach us a thing or two about B2B sales says Andy Nguyen in an entertaining post that surfaces some startling B2B sales statistics.

Have You Defined Your B2B Sales Roles to Achieve the Best Results?

How important is defining roles for B2B sales teams? Very, says Jeff Kalter. Creating focused roles allows your team to be more efficient and dedicated to a specific goal. By defining these roles, each team member becomes an expert in a specific area vital to closing deals.

Kalter says there are four key sales roles to define:

  • Inbound business development representatives (BDR)
  • Outbound BDRs
  • Sales executives
  • Account managers

Each team member plays a critical role in generating leads, closing deals, and maintaining relationships. When everyone has a specific duty and goal, it makes for a smoother sale overall, Kalter says. Learn more about each role description and discover additional advantages that come with clearly defined role descriptions.

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