Trending This Week: Pitch Perfect Results

June 15, 2018

A Singer on Stage Extends His Hand to the Sky

How would you rate your sales pitch? Does it hit all the right notes? Or does it leave prospects wondering what just happened?

Our sales pitch typically comes at that pivotal moment when we need to capture attention by clarifying our value and our intent. Before we can create fans and close deals, we first need to firmly establish the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship. That’s why pretty much every successful B2B sale, even those that start with a referral or feature an exhaustive sales cycle, starts with a meaningful, memorable pitch.

But it’s not just about throwing a few words on a page and hoping your sales prospect sings. A perfect pitch requires thought. Even if you have a platinum pitch, it can always be remastered to sound even better in each situation.  

Leading this week’s trending sales content is a post about creating that elusive perfect pitch. You’ll also discover ideas for infusing video into your sales process plus a “wacky” to-do list that can make you a more productive salesperson.

5 Sales Pitch Examples Too Good to Ignore

How are you going to secure a prospect’s interest in 1-2 minutes? This post by Gabe Larsen provides the key elements of a perfect pitch as well as an overview of the sales pitch framework. Even better, Larsen includes video examples. Check out the post for tips on how to improve your pitch and to check out the stellar sales pitch example footage he recently captured at a conference.

4 Ways To Differentiate Yourself Using Video in Your Sales Process

In this post, Tom DiScipio explores opportunities for using video throughout your sales process. For example, switching from phone conferences to video meetings can provide an incredible advantage to both you and your prospects since so much communication is nonverbal. DiScipio also recommends creating videos for introductions, post-meeting recaps, and executive summaries because they represent friendlier, more personalized way to deliver information. Check out his post to see how you might be able to differentiate yourself with video.

The One and Only Reason Your CRM Adoption Stinks

How many times have you been told to use the CRM? How many times have you ignored this direction? The truth is that while sales leadership, operations, and marketing would really, really like you to use the company’s CRM, sales pros may not see the benefit of doing extra data entry. In this post, Jason Jordan challenges organizations to make their CRM indispensable to salespeople. If your company is looking for ways to boost CRM adoption among your sales team, try syncing your CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The Sales Velocity Equation: Your First Personal Sales Ops Exercise

In this post, Andrew Oddo reviews the sales velocity equation -- a calculation of average contract value, sales cycle length, number of deals in your pipeline, and win rate – which is used to forecast how much revenue you stand to generate over time. Check out the post to see how simple math can make you a stronger seller.

Is Your Pipeline Coverage Strong Enough to Meet Revenue Goals?

We all know that the typical B2B sale process is long, averaging about three months from interest to close. This is, of course, why we worry about our sales pipeline. But it’s not just about having leads in the pipeline but also about having the right type of pipeline coverage. If too many prospects are clustered at both the top and the bottom of the pipeline, it can be difficult to be responsive to customer needs. In this post, Sales for Life helps you evaluate whether you have adequate pipeline coverage to meet revenue goals.

My Wacky To-Do List System That Has Helped 1,000+ People

If you’re still looking for a to-do system that will keep your head from exploding, Neville Medhora has a solution that has helped thousands of people meet their sales goals. While this proposition may sound like a late-night infomercial, the system is stunningly simple. Plus, it’s free (and not just for a limited time).

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