20 Hilarious GIFs that Sum Up the Sales Profession

August 6, 2018

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

Sales is a rewarding yet challenging profession. Even the most successful sellers are bound to encounter their shares of rejection, setbacks, and difficult encounters. It comes with the territory.

The best way to overcome these inevitable bumps in the road is to shake them off. To help you out with this, we’ve assembled a collection of GIFs we suspect most salespeople can relate to.

The ups, the downs, the twist and turns: These GIFs encapsulate many common scenarios inherent to the business. Scroll through and we hope you’ll enjoy a chuckle or two.

20 Hilarious GIFs that Sum Up the Sales Profession

When you’re trying to find a commonality while composing an introductory message.

When that key prospect finally responds to your outreach a week later.

When you’re searching for actual decision makers on the buying committee.

When you get a “marketing qualified lead” that is in no way actually qualified.

When a colleague tells you they’re still making cold calls.

When you’re waiting for an important connection request to be accepted.

When you make it past the gatekeeper at a target account.

When buyers get multiple email attachments.

When your only contact exits a company, mid-deal.

When a buyer’s boss gives the green-light to sign a contract.

When the pipeline dries up.

When you’re given a stack of account information you easily could’ve found on LinkedIn.

When a potential prospect responds that yes, they actually ARE looking for a new solution.

When you close a deal but no one’s around to congratulate you.

When you make a great first impression with a new lead.

When a sales prospect demands a price quote two minutes into your first interaction.

When you walk out of a long and tedious sales meeting.

When your sales manager asks you to upsell your best customers during the last week of the quarter, even though you’ve already made quota.

When you crush it with your pitch but they just don’t have the budget right now.

When you gain a warm intro because your co-worker was already connected to a sales prospect.

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