Trending This Week: Stomping Out Negativity

August 10, 2018

All sales reps have doubts. What separates the great pros from the so-so is the ability to stomp out daily rejection and obstacles, and press forward with an unhindered head. When setbacks fill us with negativity, they distort the truth of the situation. Just because we lose an account, doesn’t mean we are a loser. Just because we failed spectacularly today doesn’t mean we can’t bounce back even more spectacularly tomorrow.

The goal is to figure out which critical thoughts can be helpful in moving us forward and which ones freeze us in our tracks. Leading the content roundup this week are two posts on negative thoughts, why they matter, and how to turn them into positive action.

Here’s What Sales Professionals Are Reading and Sharing This Week:

Pull Your Weeds

Don’t have a green thumb? Not a problem. In this post, Anthony Iannarino discusses a type of weeding that all sales pros can do, regardless of their gardening prowess. Learn why Iannarino thinks we need to pay attention to the thoughts which sprout up in our mental soil and weed out the ones that don’t serve our goals.

How to Turn Your Negative Thoughts into Positive Action

Our inner dialogue is a driving factor in both our successes and in our failures. If we don’t squash those voices in our head saying, “You can’t win,” it’s likely that we won’t win. In this post from the Selling Power blog, Jessica Rector shares three steps to take control of your negative thoughts. Learn how to reframe your thoughts and turn the subsequent insights into meaningful action.

3 Ways to Accelerate Sales by Slowing Down

In a world of instant gratification, it’s hard to imagine that anything good can come from slowing down. Trey Morris argues that, once you’ve nailed your first appointment, it’s essential to slow down to truly understand the customer’s needs so that you can present a solution that they don’t just want, but want right now. Read on for three ways to meaningfully slow down the process as well as one clear indication that you have failed.

The 20 Best Sales Movies of All Time [Updated for 2018]

If your plans for the weekend can be summed up as Netflix and couch, check out this list from Matthew Chernov which encapsulates the sales profession at its best and worst. Cringe at the antics of Kurt Russell in Used Cars. Root for Chris Farley in Tommy Boy. Experience the range of Robin Williams in Seize the Day and Cadillac Man. Plus, if you don’t have time to commit to the full movies, the post includes trailers for each movie.

Of Course It Matters Whether You Won or Lost…

When it comes to sales, winning is critical but equally important is winning in a ethical, principled manner. In this post, Bob Apollo, reviews how to perform win-loss analyses that will help us achieve a greater level of success, all while playing the game in a way that would make our little-league coaches proud.

After Losing a $21,000 Deal, Here's What I Changed in My Email Follow-ups

According to Kwesi Sakyi-Gyinae it’s not enough for sales pros to routinely follow-up on open leads, we have to nurture our relationships with prospects and make the process feel more personal. Click through to learn how to incorporate Sakyi-Gyinae’s tips for creating memorable emails filled with character-driven stories and social proof.

How to Stop Saying “Um,” “Ah,” and “You Know”

A single “Ah” isn’t the end of but using too many of these filler words can compromise our credibility and distract from the key points we’re trying to make with B2B buyers. This post by Noah Zandan shares tips to help overcome using filler words as a verbal crutch.

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