Trending This Week: A Little Love for Technology

August 24, 2018

At a time where more and more people are turning to dating apps and online matchmaking services to find their soulmates, it’s a little ironic that technology has a rep for being cold and impersonal.

That isn’t to say I don’t get it, especially in the realm of sales. Bots and algorithms are, obviously, not human. It’s only natural for sales pros who recognize the importance of authentic relationship-building and meaningful connections to be wary of new tech. But the truth is that plenty of emerging innovations, sales intelligence platforms, and CRM tools can help our prospects and customers feel the love, through enhanced personalization and sharper insights.

This week’s roundup of top trending sales content opens with a look at how technology can help sales pros provide a superior customer experience.

Here’s What Sales Professionals Are Reading and Sharing This Week:

How Technology Can Humanize Sales

Modern B2B buyers demand a more personalized experience that is consistent across all interactions with a company. This post by Chris Benedetto highlights how smart, customer-focused technology can help companies and sales pros provide tailored experiences by eliminating business silos, reducing redundant work, and turning data into timely action. Read on to learn how technology can make your sales approach more human.

In Praise of the CRM

CRMs are often treated by reps as hindrances or annoyances. But in this post, Anthony Iannarino writes that the CRM deserves more respect and can be “a powerful tool in the hands of those who use it well—and selfishly.” Think you have nothing to gain from using your company’s CRM? Click through to see why Iannarino disagrees.

10 Ways to Get Yourself Excited About Your Sales Job Again

Every sales career has its lulls and slumps. Should you find yourself amidst one, you might appreciate this quick read from Ken Kupchik. It includes a number of tips to rejuvenate your outlook, such as remembering the “why,” bonding with coworkers, and attending a training course.

ABC – Always Be Connecting : How to Use Social Media to Build Connections and Sales

It’s back-to-school time, and thus a good opportunity for sales pros to brush up on the ABCs of selling. While you may have heard the acronym expressed as “always be closing,” Doug Dvorak feels that sentiment is outdated here in the digital era. Instead, he says we need to focus on creating and nurturing a healthy network of strong connections through social media.

Why Are They Buying?

David Brock shares a story to remind us that we need to scrutinize our wins just as closely as our losses. If pressed by your sales manager, would you be able to clearly articulate how you swayed a prospect away from the competition? Was it your demeanor and communication style? Price? Product benefits? If you don’t know how you won, how will you keep winning?

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Problem Solving Skills

Customer objections. Competitive threats. Pricing challenges. As sales pros, we face challenges daily, and they aren’t always easy to overcome. In this post, Thomas Griffin serves up five ways to boost our problem-solving skills. One suggestion is to read mystery books — is it possible that immersing your mind in “whodunnits” might yield more “you-won-it” situations?

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