Trending This Week: Sweet, Sweet Feedback

August 31, 2018

It might seem easy to interpret a customer’s feelings when we deliver a valuable report or a dozen donuts. But between all our touchpoints, how can we know if a customer’s feelings about us turn to apathy or angst? The simple answer is: ask for it.

Collecting customer feedback doesn’t need to entail an elaborate survey. Sales pros can kick it off with a personal email which includes a couple open-ended questions like “Do you have any frustrations?” or “What could make things better?”. While some might jokingly respond with, “I need more donuts,” we might discover issues with our product or service that we simply cannot glaze over.

Equally important to asking for the feedback is being accountable to it. Otherwise what’s the point? We need to let our customers know why we are asking, what we plan to do with the feedback, and then follow through. By asking for and then leveraging that sweet, sweet feedback, we empower ourselves to move relationships in the right direction.

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