Trending This Week: Trust is the Foundation

October 12, 2018

Two Birds Meet on a Fence

Chances are you got into sales because you've been told you're likeable, that you have "a way with people." But does your inherent likeability cause prospects to also view you as trustworthy?

For most sales reps, the answer is no. The truth is that only 3% of B2B buyers trust sales reps. That means either B2B buyers are a cynical lot or that most sales reps don’t exhibit behaviors that earn trust. It’s likely a bit of both, with the former stemming from the latter.

Even though they’re called B2B buyers, most go out of their way to avoid being sold. Fewer than one-fifth of buyers want to speak to a salesperson during the awareness stage, before they’ve had the opportunity to conduct research and come up with a shortlist. This is especially true when buyers feel like sales reps are only interested in them as a conduit for commission.

The best way to gain trust is through thoughtful, forthright communication that’s scrutinized from the buyer’s perspective before it’s sent. In the first article featured below, you’ll learn why it’s critical to slow down, listen intently, and truly get to know your prospect before going in for the sell. When sellers try to advance a deal before laying a foundation of trust, the whole deal—not to mention the relationship—might come tumbling down. But with trust established, you have a foundation for not just a sale, but future sales and potential referrals.

This week’s trending sales content contains advice for building trust, a nifty formula for accelerating sales, and more tips to up your sales game.

Here’s What Sales Professionals Were Reading and Sharing This Week:

Want Higher Response Rates? Start Treating Your Sales Prospects Like People

Treating B2B buyers like they’re just part of a transaction is one of the surest ways to lose their trust. This post by Sujan Patel highlights reasons why prospects don’t trust sales reps and how to gain trust by focusing on the prospect’s needs. Check out the post for three simple ways to make better connections with prospects.

Sales Velocity: A Foolproof Formula for Accelerating Sales

Do you know how fast you’re making money? Instead of taking a peak in your wallet, Courtney Zwicker suggest using a sales velocity formula. Beyond indulging your inner mathematician—if you have one—this equation can help you pinpoint problem areas that impede progress. Click through for the visual equation for sales velocity and tips to help you source more opportunities, pump up the value, and increase your win rate, all while reducing the length of your sales cycle.

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

Pitching your product-solution isn’t much different than pitching a movie concept. In both cases, the challenge is to create a succinct pitch that conveys not only the premise of the story but also manages to pack in an emotional hook to stimulate interest. For sales pros it’s telling the story of your solution in a way that gives your prospect a reason to care. In this post, Carmine Gallo challenges you to keep your pitch short (less than 140 characters) while still highlighting the one thing you want your B2B buyers to remember.

The Sales Profession Saved My Life -- and Made My Company Millions

This post by Weldon Long outlines how his career in sales and a “prosperity mindset” allowed him to get back on track after a life defined by “poverty, desperation and incarceration.” Along with his personal journey, Long shares how he altered his sales approach upon learning that in-person (face-to-face or phone) decisions are more likely to be positive than those made over email. Check out the post for a healthy dose of inspiration.

Cold Calling Techniques Make Your Pipeline Fat, but Not Fit

Can a cold call lead to a sale? Sure. Can cold calling lead to sustainable success? In most cases, no, it can’t. Joanne Black explains why, calling upon the seasoned observations of fellow sales expert Jill Konrath.

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