How Sales Tech Can Strengthen the Human Touch in Selling

November 29, 2018

Sales Enablement Software Strengthens the Human Touch in Selling

No matter how hard you work, it can feel humanly impossible to keep up with the expectations and demands of today’s B2B buyers, who resoundingly desire personalized, relevant, and timely communications. And in reality, it basically is impossible to do so at scale, without the right tools.

But it is doable – and much less stressful – when you take advantage of sales enablement software. These digital technologies can ironically add a more human touch to your selling approach by freeing up time for the research and preparation that consistently enable authentic, genuine, and relatable interactions.

Successful Reps are Embracing Sales Enablement Software

Many buyers find conventional sales approaches and tactics impersonal. That’s because they are so often on the receiving end of canned outreach that shows little understanding of their business needs and role.

Our State of Sales 2018 report found that virtually all decision makers (96%) expect a human connection and understanding from sales reps. Specifically, they are more likely to consider a brand’s products or services when a sales professional shows a clear knowledge of their business needs and role by sharing relevant content and personalizing communications.

Rather than view sales technology as an added barrier to delivering on buyer expectations, savvy reps embrace these solutions to get closer to their prospects. It’s no wonder nearly three-quarters of sales professionals (73%) use sales technology to close more deals. And, of this group, 97% consider sales technology “very important” or “important.” Moreover, 65% of top performing-reps are spending more time using technology.

Achieving the Human Touch at Scale

So how exactly does sales technology pave the way for better interactions and relationships? It equips sales professionals with the information needed to connect with relevance, so they sound less like a robot during those initial engagements. Rather than sending out hit-or-miss messages en masse, reps can turn info into insights weaved throughout a tailored experience.

Use your sales technology well, and you’ll find yourself with more time to build and nurture a network of meaningful connections. With a tool like Sales Navigator, you can easily identify the most relevant prospects and quickly pinpoint key contacts at target accounts. The Advanced Search feature lays out organizational structures, allowing you to map the buying committee so you know exactly where to concentrate your efforts.

Sales technology can also reveal information about people’s functions, achievements, and strategic initiatives, even notifying you of buying signals. Plus, it can identify the best path for introductions to promising prospects.

By making short work of all these steps, sales enablement software frees you up to focus on developing an effective sales strategy and crafting compelling communications for each target account and stakeholder. In other words, it positions you to invest in the personal touch that separates sales leaders from laggards.

The State of Sales Enablement Technology

Undoubtedly, sales tech has transformed the sales profession. But no one is arguing that technology is a substitute for the human element. Authentic relationships and meaningful connections are irreplaceable.

As our State of Sales report shows, sales reps can get closer to prospects in less time by capitalizing on available sales technology that suits their needs. Through the information, insights, and efficiencies that these tools deliver, sales pros are able to enhance and scale their personalized approach.

For more on why sales technology is the key to modern sales success and how your peers are using it to their advantage, download LinkedIn’s 2018 State of Sales report.