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Introducing a New Weekly Series on Our Social Media Channels

May 21, 2019

LinkedIn Sales Insights

Sales without insights is like a car without gas. Sure, you can get behind the wheel, but in order for you to go anywhere, you’ll need to have fuel to help propel you forward.

That’s how we view the power of data and insights in the sales process. You can have loads of sales activity, but little sales productivity if you don’t back your claims with the data your customers want to know.

The same goes for transforming your sales process and hiring -- if you’re not using industry trends (and buyer trends) to inform your strategy, you run the risk of losing the upper hand in the ever-evolving, ever-competitive B2B sales landscape.

Why We’re Insights Obsessed (And Why We Think You Should Be, Too)

As sales leaders, it’s up to you to keep pace with the latest insights so you can ensure that your organization continues to thrive not only for the next quarter, but for the next fiscal year and beyond.  

Of course, we know that’s no small task. But we’re here to help.

That’s why we set out to take some of our most valuable sales insights and make them even easier to understand, learn from and share.

Each week, we’ll be sharing new insights about how the sales profession is evolving, what effective reps are doing to close business in the digital age and more across LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s simple, snackable, social and created with sales leaders in mind.

Let’s dive in for a sneak peek into what’s in our pipeline:

Who Your Sellers Are [Hint: A Lot of Millennials]

Our Insight:

Why This Matters:

The millennials are coming! And they’re here to stay. They’re not only your buyers, but your sellers as well. Why is this important? Because millennials (ages 21-38) tend to be early adopters of new strategies and technologies. While sales professionals across generations plan to spend more time this year using sales technology than last year, millennials were the highest at 62 percent, compared to 56 percent of both Generation X and Baby Boomers. Millennials are also more likely to bring together different tools as part of their modern sales technology stack. Learn more here.

How They Sell [Hint: With Technology]

Our Insight:

Why This Matters:

Technology is helping sales professionals extend their impact by automating administrative tasks and gathering intelligence about prospects. It’s no wonder that since 2016, planned investment in sales technology has grown by 53 percent. Learn more here.

How To Retain Them [Hint: Train to Retain]

Our Insight:

Why This Matters:

It’s no secret that a strong sales team is crucial to the success of most companies. In the aggregate, companies spend billions to ensure their sales teams are the best they can be. Businesses spend $800 billion annually on incentives to retain their best salespeople. Additionally, companies spend $15 billion on training their sales staff. Learn more here.

Our Insight:

Why This Matters:

51% of decision makers rank trust as the No. 1 attribute they want in a salesperson. In this same vein, virtually 100% of sales professionals say trust if “very important” or “important” to winning new business. And 88% of decision makers say sales pros are a “trusted partner.” The right training can help ensure that all of your reps embody this “trusted partner” persona. Learn more here.

Bringing It All Home

At LinkedIn, we’re committed not only to providing you with a best-in-class B2B sales tool, but to giving you the insights you need to succeed with your sales goals as well. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay connected.