Tales of Sales: How Millennials Are Transforming Sales

November 6, 2019

Tales of Sales: How Millennials Are Transforming Sales

With all the talk about selling to millennials, and how the interpersonal dynamics are changing as salespeople engage with this rising generation of buyers, there is probably not enough attention being paid to the ways millennials are transforming sales teams themselves. 

It’s true millennials are coming to account for a larger portion of the B2B buying community. But it’s also true they are coming to account for a larger portion of the B2B selling community. How do these digital natives impact our strategies, collaboration, and ways of thinking? 

As part of our “Tales of Sales” video interview series, we asked several leaders in the field how they’re adapting to the advent of millennial sales pros.

Sales Leaders Share Their Views on Millennials in Sales

In the videos below, you can watch short excerpts from interviews conducted by LinkedIn’s Audrey Lowder and Jesse Rothstein with forward-thinking sales leaders from various industries, surfacing their perspectives on how millennials are transforming sales. 

Joe DeHaai, RSM US LLP on Managing Millennials

“I would say millennials are probably a lot smarter at their ages than I was at their age, or than all of us were at a similar age.”

Nichole Jordan, Grant Thorton on What Millennials Can Teach Us

"What we see with technology today is that it levels the playing field in many ways in relationship-building between a millennial and a very senior executive."

Linda Brunner, Siemens Healthineers on The Impact of Millennials

“Having grown up with technology, and not being afraid of it, just brings a totally different perspective.”

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The common theme in the insights from these sales leaders: millennials are ahead of the curve. They are generally quick to grasp new concepts and technologies — an invaluable trait in today’s rapidly evolving sales landscape. Members of this generation bring much to the table, and it’s encouraging to see folks like Joe, Nichole, and Linda embracing these advantages.

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