We’re Listening: Where Would You Like Help with Selling on LinkedIn? [Survey]

January 30, 2020

We’re Listening: Where Would You Like Help with Selling on LinkedIn? [Survey]

When I talk to people outside the profession, I often encounter a prevalent misconception about sales. Many seem to believe the job is driven strictly by money, quotas, and closing deals. In reality, that’s just one side of it.

Yes, contributing to revenue and business growth is the name of the game in selling. But there’s also a deep personal fulfillment that comes out of being able to meaningfully help decision makers who face mounting challenges and pressure. When you deliver an insight, datapoint, or piece of content that makes a real difference for someone, it’s a great feeling. 

At LinkedIn Sales Solutions, we aim to do the same for our audience of sales leaders and professionals. Through content like our weekly sales trend round-ups, annual State of Sales reports, sales book reviews, and more, this blog is designed to be a trusted and valued resource for the selling community.

But of course, we recognize that the most essential skill in sales is listening. So as a new year and decade get underway, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Below you’ll find a link to our new survey, which gives you the chance to help shape our editorial direction moving forward.  

Tell Us What You Want to Learn About Selling on LinkedIn 

What can we do better? How can our content on the LinkedIn Sales Blog serve you better? What can we help you learn more about? And how can we help you achieve your goals?

These are the questions we seek to answer, and you can help us by taking a few minutes to fill out the quiz below.

Among the items covered within:

  • Current usage of LinkedIn
  • Amount of time spent on the platform
  • Your area of specialization
  • Top priorities for 2020
  • Aspects of LinkedIn you could use help with
  • Topics you’d like to see more on the blog
  • Content types you’d like to see more on the blog
  • How you use data in your job

The more robust the feedback we receive on this survey, the more effectively we’ll be able to tailor our daily guidance to the needs and wants of you, the readers. So we appreciate everyone who takes a little time to chime in.

Let’s Win Together in 2020 and Beyond

A new decade brings with it a world of new possibilities and opportunities. We’re excited to venture forth along with our community of smart, savvy, ambitious sales pros. With your input, we hope to make the content here as useful as possible. 

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