The 6-Step Guide to Successful Social Selling on LinkedIn

Twice as many B2B buyers research purchases on LinkedIn as any other social network. Learn how to reach them with "The 6-Step Social Selling Success Kit."

January 22, 2015


It’s no secret that today’s business decision makers have greater control over the buying process. Three-fourths of B2B buyers use social media to educate themselves before making purchasing decisions and twice as many use LinkedIn to research purchasing decisions  than any other social network.

As a result, LinkedIn has become one of the key sales tools that organizations use to reach their prospects. In fact, 72% of sales teams using LinkedIn for social selling reach their quota.

We created "6 Steps to Accelerate Your Sales in 2015" to help your entire sales organization succeed in the social selling era. Whether you are an individual sales professional, sales leader, or marketer, our new eBook will clearly explain how to launch your social selling efforts on LinkedIn.

The "6 Steps to Accelerate Your Sales in 2015" is split into three sections that focus on how sales reps, sales leaders, and marketers can use LinkedIn as a social selling tool:

  • Sales reps will learn how to use LinkedIn as a powerful prospecting and relationship-building tool. They’ll focus on how to develop a LinkedIn presence that appeals to their ideal prospects, and learn how to build a professional network, develop relationships with prospects, and track their social selling progress.
  • Sales leaders will discover how to guide and motivate sales reps as they dive into social selling. They’ll also learn how to encourage best practices, ensure sales reps have the resources to engage prospects, and choose the right performance metrics to measure social selling success.
  • Marketers will learn how they can become a valued social selling partner to the sales team. They’ll discover how to align marketing and sales goals, develop content that helps sales reps develop relationships with prospects, and use LinkedIn to test marketing messaging.

In each role-specific section of "6 Steps to Accelerate Your Sales in 2015," you’ll learn how to:

  1. Get started with social selling on LinkedIn
  2. Set up a LinkedIn presence that shows buyers you are a trustworthy expert in your field
  3. Find and connect with high-potential prospects within your target market
  4. Get your foot in the door with new prospects by providing insight about their business
  5. Strengthen relationships by using LinkedIn to find opportunities to connect with prospects
  6. Measure the success of your social selling on LinkedIn

Download our eBook "6 Steps to Accelerate Your Sales in 2015" to get your entire team on board with social selling best practices on LinkedIn.